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Capena, medieval village in the unspoilt Lazio countryside
The original settlement of Capena was founded on the site nowadays known as La Civitucola, some three kilometres north of present-​​day Capena. Ancient Capena was a thriving town, situated close to the Tiber river and the sanctuary and commercial hub of Lucus Feroniae, from the time of its foundation in the Iron Age to the end of the Roman Empire.

The Capenati were one of the Italic peoples that prospered in Lazio before the advent of Rome. They wer then conquered by the Etruscans and later the Romans.

The modern town is a lovely medieval village with a rural feel and a beautiful historic centre perched on a tuffaceous rock. It is a calm place to stay and only short distance from Rome, the perfect place for the tourist that prefers to go `off the beaten path` and discover the local traditions.

Harvest festivals in Lazio
September is wine harvest time in most regions of Italy, and the smell of grapes and must is filling the air around the vineyards. It is the time of the year when wineries are bustling with activity in the vineyard for the selection of the best grapes and in the cellar to prepare the new wine.

It is the perfect time for visiting Lazio, where a lot of wine festivals are going on in Capena, Velletri, Marino, Zagarolo and many other countryside towns.