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Buffalo Bayou, Houston

Houston Downtown Skyline at Dawn
I awoke at 6:30 this morning to find this view greeting me from our 12th floor balcony. This is looking eastward across Memorial Drive and Buffalo Bayou Park toward the Houston downtown skyline just about an hour before sunrise. Waking up at this hour every morning to see what uniquely beautiful view the dawn has to offer has become my ritual. So far, no two have been quite the same.

A larger version of the photo can be seen by following the link below to my online gallery.
Another Ho-hum Dawn in Houston
This has become my morning ritual--to wake up to catch dawn light show over downtown Houston from our 12th floor balcony overlooking Buffalo Bayou Park and Memorial Drive. It's like Forest Gump's proverbial "box of chocolates." This was taken about 6:45am this morning. This one, as was yesterday morning's, was particularly surreal due in part to the signature cloud effect associated with hurricanes--in this case Hurricane Paul's interaction with the Baja peninsula down in Mexico.

A much larger version can by following the link below to my online gallery.
Another Ho-hum Dawn in Houston Houston Texas United States

Freedom Over Texas Fireworks 2013
This is the view from our 12th floor balcony on Studemont of the fireworks finale at the conclusion of the 2013 Freedom Over Texas Independence Day festivities along Buffalo Bayou right next to Downtown Houston. Notice the crowds of people cramming the Studemont pedestrian bridge (that spans both the bayou and Memorial Drive) in the lower right corner of the photo. I'm not sure what the weight capacity of the bridge is but I feel quite certain that it was exceeded. Walking back from the festivities to our building, we weaved our way across it and I could feel it swaying (which is incredible because when you walk across it on normal occasions it feels immovable).
Freedom Over Texas Fireworks 2013 Houston Texas United States

Skies - Texas Style and Size
From all places... Houston is the one that takes the award of the most amazing skies. Whether at sunrise, sunshine or dusk you will likely always be amazed by the clouds, colors and shapes of the Houston skies.

I moved here 17 years ago and I religiously run or bike on the trails of the Buffalo Bayou and Memorial Park. In my opinion 2 of the most beautiful urban parks in the U.S.

If you come to Houston do not miss them - you will be fascinated by the views to the downtown skyline and the magic right above you.

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Skies - Texas Style and Size Houston Texas United States

Roam in Buffalo Bayou
Some people refer to Buffalo Bayou as Houston’s Central Park, as this swathe of downtown space has always attracted active folk in search of fresh air. But the Bayou is getting better with an ambitious restoration. (Myriad sections remain accessible during the re-do, with enhanced portions opening as they are completed.) Runners, walkers, bikers, kayakers, and the old and the young all enjoy the 160 acres’ abundant trails, as well as Buffalo Bayou’s assortment of pedestrian bridges, artful lighting, statuary, benches, water craft and bike rental stations. Live performance venues, native gardens, dog runs, and kids’ playgrounds ensure this will be the go-to park in the region.
Roam in Buffalo Bayou Houston Texas United States

Urban Unwind
Even if you only have a free afternoon, that’s plenty of time to hop in a kayak and paddle along Houston’s Buffalo Bayou. Plunge into the green playground, and float along 26 miles of refurbished parkland. You’ll find speed varies according to flow, but plan for around two hours to ride it all the way through the cityscape. At any time, anchor your craft to partake of the Bayou’s enhancements. From pubic art pieces to improved hiking trails, the park includes performance spaces for live music if you want to merrily sing along as you row your boat.
Urban Unwind Houston Texas United States

Where the Buffalo Roam
It unfurls like a green flag among the human-built expanse of Houston’s concrete jungle: Buffalo Bayou, Houston’s reminder that there is life (nature) after traffic and urban buzz. Eschew the traffic jams, and get thee to the glades, which are studded with statuary, lined with bike trails, and opulent with perennial commons, concert venues and picnic sites—making this one of the most social spots in town. Twenty-six miles of kayak-worthy, red clay-framed waters await, though pontoon boats offer an alternative mode of water transport. Just redone and expanded in 2015, this jewel in the city’s green crown now meanders for 160 fun-filled acres. Rentals and tours are available.
Where the Buffalo Roam Houston Texas United States