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Blue Cave (Modra špilja)

The Blue Cave: A Must-See Natural Wonder of Croatia
When sailing from the town of Vis to Komiža on Vis Island, we stopped at the Blue Cave (Modra špilja), or Blue Grotto, on the nearby island of Biševo. Visitors can enter the cave entrance for a minor fee and only by small boat. As we made our way inside, the water glowed the brightest blue color I've ever seen and it was an incredible sight to behold. Jumping into the illuminated blue water is a must, so you can swim and take an underwater photo like the one above which I captured with my GoPro. Seeing the Blue Cave was definitely one of my favorite travel experiences, and is a natural beauty of Croatia that should not be missed.

Blue Grotto
If you are able to tour the Pakleni Islands near Hvar in Croatia ask to be taken to Bisevo to see the blue grotto. Once you are there you will be taken in a small embarkation as the entrance to the cave is only 1.5 meters high. Once you enter your jaw will drop with the impressive blue color you will see.

Blue Grotto
On the small island of Bisevo in Croatia, there is a spectacular natural cave which is brilliantly illuminated by the sun's rays coming up from underneath. To enter, you must be in a small boat, and duck your head down at the entrance of the cave. It is a magical place and worth the boat trip out here from either Vis, Hvar, or even Split.

The Turquoise Blue Cave in Croatia
The blue cave in Croatia is one of the most beautiful and astonishing sights I have ever seen. Accessible by yacht from the Croatian coast, or from Komiza, on the island of Vis, this sea-cave in a small bay called Balun on the island of Bisevo is a popular tourist attraction. We hired a yacht from this Croatia Charter company in the picturesque city of Split, Croatia and set sail. I have never seen anything so blue in my entire life. We left the yacht and entered the water-logged cavern and the sun shining through into the space filled it will a glorious blue light. The blue grotto was a beautiful sight, with the silvery shades underwater and bluish turquoise light throughout. We had come at just the right time of day, not long before noon. Everyone gasped in delight.I am so glad that we took the chance and hired the yacht. I will never forget the beauty and tranquility of that day.

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