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Amsterdam-Noord: Shipyard Turned Creative Hub
Once a place where convicts were hung, then a working class district for shipyard laborers, Amsterdam-Noord has evolved into a multicultural community with a creative vibe and numerous restaurants, nightclubs and cultural attractions. Officially incorporated into Amsterdam in 1981, the bucolic district is one of the city’s largest, with 87.000+ inhabitants. Get there via the free ferry from NDSM Wharf, behind Central Station. Along with commuting Dutchies, you'll chug from the station to the north bank of the Ij River on a 20-minute ride that provides a nice view of the Amsterdam skyline.

With its futuristic design, the EYE Film Institute is an immediate eye-catcher—well worth a visit if you're into international cinema. Watch a film in one of four cinemas, explore exhibits honoring cinematic masters and get interactive in the basement, where the digitized collection is housed. Pick up a film memorabilia souvenir in the museum shop and enjoy a stunning view of the waterfront at the eye-popping restaurant, offering Dutch classics like bitterballen, apple pie and Heineken beer.

Other activity options in what has become a mecca for artists and creative types include Flea Market Ij-Hallen and artist studio tours. Old shipping containers have been transformed into trendy restaurants and nightclubs like Pllek, Noorderlicht and IJ-Kantine—all great for a waterfront drink, snack or meal in an historic setting that harks back to the days when the area was a busy port.
Biking Escape from the City
Whether you want to or not, biking the dikes outside the city is an experience not to be missed! Marty and I did get a bit lost and ended up with only about a hour to actually bike on the dikes, but riding around Amsterdam-Noord opened our eyes to a part of Amsterdam I would love to explore more. The dike is first lined with quaint little homes on one side and a gentle river inlet on the other before fields open up after the homes and the river turns to open ocean. If you persevere you can take the dikes from village to village and enjoy the more country side of Dutch culture.
There is a free ferry behind Central Station, where you can rent bikes, to cross the Amstel River. The bike rental places will give maps of the biking routes and directions to the ferry.
Biking Escape from the City Amsterdam  The Netherlands

Amsterdam-Noord, Amsterdam, Netherlands