Tai Chi in Fujiang Province, China

Tai Chi in Fujiang Province, China

Using smooth, rhythmic movements, the Chinese martial art of tai chi aims to harmonize the forces of yin and yang while promoting health and relaxation. The Tai Chi and Cultural Experience, run by Real Gap Experience, takes travelers to a martial arts school in Taining Global Geopark in the mountainous Fujian province. There, martial arts masters teach tai chi basics during daily training sessions.

WHAT YOU’LL DO: Perform tai chi exercises for body conditioning, breathing, and alignment; practice standing meditation and qigong, a discipline that focuses on cultivating one’s qi (life energy) using the mind.

HIGHLIGHTS: Visit caves and waterfalls during a boat tour around Golden Lake. Join a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Take Mandarin lessons three times a week.

Real Gap Experience, 44/(0) 1892-516164, four-week trips for $1,600, including lodging and meals. This appeared in the July/August 2010 issue.

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