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Photo courtesy of the Boat House

If you’re in the U.S., chances are you’re slightly cold. Even if you’re not, post-holidays winter isn’t exactly the season of revelry; it’s mostly repenting for our turkey-and-wine-induced since from the end of 2014. But summer, with its long days, warm nights, and whimsical vibe, is all about relaxing and enjoying life. And guess what? It’s summer somewhere—in the southern hemisphere. Here are five of our favorite places to escape the dreary winter, and travel to summertime.

1. Sydney, Australia (pictured above)
Surf, sun, great coffee, great music—what more could you want from a winter getaway?


2. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Get ready for one of the best steak dinners of your life—possibly eaten alfresco.


Photo by Jim Lindlay

3. Santiago, Chile
Santiago has some of the most incredible colonial architecture and some of the coolest locals in South America.


Photo by Matt Long

4. Malborough, New Zealand
Wine country, anyone?


Photo by Matt Long

I mean, it technically is summer in Antactica.