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The Pink-Sand Beaches of Bermuda

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Bermuda's shoreline is known for its carpet of soft pink sand that ranges in color from blush to coral. Created by tiny broken seashells mixed with soft white sand, the delicate hues of Bermuda's beaches are complemented by turquoise waves and rugged boulders. From secluded strands to popular spots with lots of people watching, Bermuda's pink sand coastline offers a beach for everybody.
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Cliffs and coves, perfectly pink sand, and sparkling blue water put Bermuda’s beaches among the most beautiful in the world. Horseshoe Bay Beach is a crescent-shaped stretch of salmon-shaded sand bordered by gentle waves in tropical shades of...
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Maritime Ln, Sandys MA 01, Bermuda
Oh, the maritime battles and pirate adventures to explore! I like to do a little research about the history and culture of a place, even if I’m going to dive headlong into the requisite hedonism of a proper island vacation. Bermuda gets even...
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Church Bay, Bermuda
Nearby reefs and big boulders keep Bermuda’s beaches calm and colorful for snorkelers and swimmers. Both Tobacco Bay and Church Bay offer great snorkeling conditions along beautiful shorelines. With one in the east and the other in the west, you...
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West Whale Bay, Bermuda
Beaches in Bermuda range from popular, people-watching spots to secluded and serene strands. When it’s time to get away from it all, consider heading to one of these small and secluded, yet incredibly scenic, strips of sand. West Whale Bay Beach,...
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145 Cooper's Island Road, St.George's, Bermuda
Along with the beautiful scenery, parents will appreciate the many amenities that make Bermuda’s beaches the perfect place for beach bums of all ages. Lifeguards, gentle water, and nearby facilities are always a welcome sight for parents of...
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Jobson's Bay, Bermuda
Tufts of green shrubbery atop jagged boulders surround the crystal clear water at Jobson’s Cove on Bermuda’s South Shore. These limestone and lava boulders have created a shallow pool that is quite calm and excellent for snorkelers and families...
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Sandys Parish, Bermuda
Romantic dinners, western-facing beaches, and natural backgrounds make Bermuda's sunset scene the best show of the day. Black Bay Beach, in Sandys Parish, is also known as Sea Glass Beach because of the piles of multi-colored sea glass that clink...
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Steep cliffs, tufts of green shrubs, and blissfully blues skies serve as a backdrop to turquoise waves, coral formations, and a gently curving stretch of sand. Named one of the world’s 100 Best Beaches by CNN, Warwick Long Bay takes its name...
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7 Maritime Ln, MA 01, Bermuda
Sea cucumbers, anemones, and colorful tropical fish, along with sunken cannons and antique anchors, make Snorkel Park Beach a popular site for snorkelers and families with kids. You could spend the entire day floating among parrot fish, angel...
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Cooper's Island Road, Cooper's Island, Bermuda
Birders, hikers, and all manner of nature lovers score big with a visit to this former NASA tracking station and U.S. naval base on the northeast coast of Bermuda. Despite its name, Cooper's Island is no longer an island, having been connected to...