The Best Shopping in Lima

Lima delivers when it comes to shopping, both for sophisticated shoppers looking for designer goods, and for those in search of textiles, ceramics, woolens, and crafts from makers in Peru. Head to shopping centers like Jockey Plaza or the mall at Larcomar to see the well-heeled citizens of Lima in their natural habitat or go to the Indian Market to peruse handmade items. Exploring both ends of the shopping spectrum helps provide a balanced picture of daily life in Lima.

Av. Petit Thouars 5245, Lima 15074, Peru
A must-stop on the traditional handicraft circuit, this massive market—stretching four city blocks in Miraflores!—is home to stall after stall of kitschy bric-a-brac, pre-Columbian–style pottery, alpaca everything and an endless array of Andes-inspired arts and crafts. Come and shop around.

Av. Paseo de la República 3440, Surquillo 15047, Peru
In business for over 40 years, husband and wife team Alberto Andrade Carmona and Anita Botteri Herrera make high-end leather purses, his-and-her wallets, and briefcases. Created by Peruvian artisans, Alda’s sophisticated designs are immediately recognizable for their high quality and sleek aesthetics. Their stores offer impeccable service to a discerning clientele.
Jirón Sáenz Peña 295, Barranco 15063, Peru
A contemporary arts and crafts shop with an attached café in a lovely restored casona in Barranco. Dédalo, the brainchild of an artistic couple that studied arts and literature in Florence, features unique, carefully curated ceramics, glassware, toys, frames, clothes, jewelry and decorative pieces for all tastes.

The handmade textiles and accessories at Sumaqkay in Paracas are a gorgeous paradox: They’re at once traditional using time-honored techniques of weaving and dyeing and—from a design standpoint—thoroughly modern. You’ll find throws, pillows, table runners, tote bags and even bow-shaped clutches. The company has both a workshop open to the public in Paracas, at Km 245 on the Panamericana Sur Highway, and a showroom in Lima.

Calle 26A, Bellavista 07011, Peru
For those of us used to seeing chicken cut into parts, wrapped in plastic, and cooling in supermarket refrigerators, a trip to a local Peruvian market is fascinating and a bit daunting. At the biggest market, San Pedro, just up the street from the Plaza de Armas, you’ll find fruits, vegetables, alpaca charqui (the Quechua source of our word jerky), pig’s heads, herbs, fruit juices, weavings, and much, much more. You’ll see a fair number of foreigners wandering here as well, so for an experience that feels more authentic, try San Blas Market or Rosaspata, both off the tourist track.
Cruz, Distrito de Chorrillos 15064, Peru
Galeria Delbarrio is an extraordinary place to see Peruvian pop art. The gallery mixes the old and new, modern and traditional, in a very fun way. They have paintings, comics and an extensive collection of rustic-pop furniture spread throughout a 1840’s house. Just the house itself would be worth the visit. It has the traditional architecture from the time Chorillos was a beach resort town where the rich families from Lima spent their summers. The restoration preserved the domes, glasswork and original ceilings, adding a splash of color that brought the place to life. After the visit, take a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy its tranquil old town atmosphere. Make sure you finish by the boardwalk, where you’ll be wowed by one of the best views of Lima.
Larcomar, Miraflores 15074, Peru
Forget alpaca! Those in the know go for vicuña instead, a much softer—and pricier—cousin of the alpaca. Alpaca 111 is widely regarded as Peru‘s most stylish and highest-quality purveyor of those coveted scarves, throws and blankets that are going to keep you warm during cold winters back home. No market haggling or being ripped off: This exquisitely designed stuff is the real deal and is priced accordingly.

Miraflores 15074, Peru
If your main goal is picking up some lovely Peruvian-made handicrafts, fashion and other local delights, Centro Comercial Larcomar is one of Peru’s loveliest shopping malls, sitting on prime cliff-top real estate, just above the sea. You can find outlets of several of the city’s best handicraft shops, high-end clothing boutiques and a wide array of great restaurants, all located just beyond the lovely Parque Salazar, a cherished coast-hugging green space in Miraflores. Visiting both makes for an easy afternoon.

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