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The Best Nature Reserves in Jordan

Jordan is home to a lot more than epic historic sites. Lesser-known but definitely deserving of wider exposure is the country’s collection of nature reserves, where you can splash through rivers, find oryx in the desert, go bird-watching in hidden green oases, or even hike through canyons on the back route to Petra.
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Ajloun, Jordan
If you think Jordan is a country of dry, brown desert, get yourself to the gentle, wooded hills of the Ajloun Forest Reserve. It’s a relatively small park, but the slopes are studded with oak and pistachio trees, providing a green lung for...
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الأزرق الجنوبي، Azraq, Jordan
You might not be surprised by an oasis in the middle of the desert, but you surely wouldn’t expect to find marshes and reed-fringed bodies of open water. However, that’s what’s waiting at Azraq Wetland Reserve, located on the...
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Hizam Ring Rd, Amman, Jordan
An easy day trip from Amman, Shaumari Wildlife Reserve sits at the gateway to Jordan’s eastern deserts, where a pioneering conservation project is under way. The Arabian oryx, with its extraordinary, unicorn-like horns, was hunted to near...
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Madaba Governorate, Jordan
An epic canyon, Wadi Mujib serves as the last gasp of the Great Rift Valley. Where one of its many mouths opens to the Dead Sea, you’ll find the Mujib Biosphere Reserve—the lowest nature reserve in the world. Within the park, there are...
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محمية ضانا, Dhana 66666, Jordan
Dana Biosphere Reserve is the largest nature reserve in Jordan. For hikers and trekkers, it’s one of Jordan’s top places to get out into the wilderness, but even the less adventurous will enjoy a stop here simply to enjoy the...