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Easter Island & Juan Fernandez Archipelago

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Chile possesses two remote territories far, far out in the mighty Pacific. Both are tiny islands with national parks that are under UNESCO protection. Easter Island, known as Rapa Nui, is surrounded by huge expanses of ocean; it's nearly halfway to Tahiti. Juan Fernandez Archipelago, closer to the mainland but equally remote, is punctuated by steep, jagged peaks and green foliage—a spectacular topography.
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Easter Island is a strange, remote, and magical place. After a full day of wandering around this tiny island, we were fortunate enough to witness an absolutely breathtaking sunset over the Pacific. The "beach" here is made up of pitch black...
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Easter Island, Valparaiso Region, Chile
When visitors travel to Easter Island they are naturally anxious to see all of the amazing moai monoliths. The carved volcanic figures are indeed magnificent, but be sure to save time to see the natural beauty of the island also. The Rano Kao...
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The Juan Fernandez Archipelago's largest and only inhabited island, Isla Robinson Crusoe, started out as a pirates' refuge, known most famously for Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish seaman who spent four years marooned there in the 18th century, which...
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Until Crusoe Island lodge opened, there were sparse places to stay on this remote isle surrounded by miles of the empty Pacific. Located in front of Pangal Bay, only five minutes from the main town of San Juan Bautista by 4x4, this modern lodge...
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Located 8 kilometers outside Easter Island's main town, Hanga Roa, the Explora lodge, part of the sustainable eco-lodges with sister properties in Atacama and Patagonia, is secluded from the hubbub and a perfect base to explore the island. The...
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Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Valparaiso Region, Chile
Located in a quiet spot outside of town with views of the deep blue Pacific, this hotel with 20 rooms, was inspired by the houseboats used by the local islanders. The rooms are airy and have breezy terraces facing the ocean, ideal for sipping...