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Amalia and El Brujo Glaciers

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Amalia Glacier, Natales, Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena Region, Chile

It’s hard for a glacier to stand out in a world of ice fields that enjoy almost celebrity status. But the three-kilometer-wide (two-mile-wide) Amalia Glacier on the Peel Fjord manages to, for its sheer beauty and its thick ice floes...

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So many grand fjords crisscross Chile’s southern Pacific coast that guiding a ship through the region is like trying to decide which highway off-ramp to take to your next destination. When weather allows, the two-kilometer-wide...

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Brüggen Glacier, Chile


The towering 60-kilometer-long (37-mile-long) Pío XI Glacier, also called Brüggen, is the granddaddy of all Patagonian glacial ice fields. Located in Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, the glacier takes a 90-degree...