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Adventure travel in Greece means an abundance of choices. Dive into the turquoise waters of Corfu. Kayak around the white rocks of Milos. Climb to the top of Mount Zeus, the highest peak in the Greek Cyclades, on Naxos island, and peek inside the god’s hidden cave. Travel to Santorini, and hike from Fira to Oia at sunset to see a dramatic view of the sun sinking behind the caldera. In Greece, adventure is a given.

Samaria village 730 11, Greece
The Samaria Gorge is considered the “Grand Canyon” of Europe. This 16km trek is best started in the mid-morning to allow enough time to hike and to avoid the crowds that start the trek early. The gorge became a park in 1962, and is famous for the “Iron Gates” - a narrow spot where the walls of the gorge tower to over 1,000 feet, with a width of only 13 feet! You may even spot a kri-kri (a wild and rare Cretan goat)! This photograph was taken in October (late in the season) when I led a kayaking expedition in Crete.
Fira, Θήρα 847 00, Greece
Santorini, Greece is an unquestionably beautiful island, but you can take the island experience up a notch, from beautiful to breathtaking, by hiking the ancient footpath from Thira to Oia. Start just before sunrise and meander the ancient dirt and cobblestone path, which is perfectly nestled at the cliffs edge, providing breathtaking views of the caldera. I set out on this path alone for a 4 hour hike, not too sure of what I would find along the way. Way up high, above the sea, away from the island crowds, as if walking through the clouds, I experienced the true beauty of the island- obvious natural beauty that surrounds you in every direction, but an ancient, deeply rooted beauty that can only be found in the silence, in the white washed churches scattered along the path, in the sun-smoothed cobblestone of the path ... in the clouds. Don’t forget layered clothes as once the sun rises the temperature does as well, comfortable walking shoes, bottled water & a camera!
Corfu, Greece
One of the best destinations in Greece for SCUBA diving is off the coast of Corfu. Divers of all skill levels can appreciate the level of underwater visibility around the island, especially on the northwest coast, near Paleokastritsa. Caves, reefs up to 40 metres deep, underwater arches, and more can all be found in the turquoise seas of the Mediterranean, and you’ll never be bored around Corfu.
Naxos, Greece
For many travelers to Greece, there’s a conundrum: Do you concentrate on the mainland—Athens, Delphi—or do you spend your time cruising the islands—from fashionable Mykonos to holy Patmos? With Grand Circle Cruise Line, you don’t have to make that decision. The first week of the 15-day Treasures of the Aegean: Greek Island Cruise, Athens & Istanbul itinerary includes the monasteries of Meteora, perched atop rock formations; the town of Kalambaka, Thessaly, where you’ll discover a Byzantine tradition when you stop at an icon-painting workshop and meet one of the artisans; and the majestic ancient sanctuary of Delphi. Then you depart on a cruise to the Aegean’s most beautiful islands aboard a 50-passenger small ship. You’ll call at ports including Amorgos, Delos, and Naxos, where you’ll sit down for an island dinner with some of its residents. While you’ll be following the routes of ancient heroes, Grand Circle assures that travelers also experience modern-day life in the country from those who live, work, and play here. Exclusive Discovery Series events take you deeper, show you more, and give you an unfiltered look into daily life whether you’re dining with a Greek family during a Home-Hosted Dinner, or participating in a cooking class in the mountain village of Arachova.
Meteora, Polichni 565 32, Greece
While driving through Meteora, made famous for the monasteries perched delicately atop giant pinnacles of rock, you may notice many climbers affixed to sides of cliffs. Meteora is actually one of the best rock climbing spots in Europe, and even if you’re not a skilled climber, you can opt for a climbing tour with a guide. On the other hand, if you are experienced, there are about 670 routes around Meteora for you to explore. Thanks to the soft nature of the stone, the quality of climbing is excellent.
Parnassus, Tithorea 350 15, Greece
Believe it or not, Europe’s sunniest destination is also home to a few terrific ski hills, one of them being Mount Parnassos. This is Greece‘s most popular ski resort area, thanks to its close proximity to Athens. You’ll find 23 ski runs here, for all skill levels, totalling 27 kilometres.
Pelion, Zagora 370 01, Greece
Coasteering is the latest craze in Greece‘s adventure tourism, and it’s especially popular on the Pelion Peninsula. Coasteering refers to navigating the coastline by climbing, rock scrambling, and swimming. It’s definitely for the braver, more physically fit individuals, but the unique views experienced of the wild and rugged Pelion coast is definitely worth it. Even if you end up just exploring the Pelion coast, you’ll be surprised to see it’s an awful lot like being in the Greek Islands.
Just 40 kilometres from Athens is Mount Parnitha National Park -- the only national park in Europe located this close to a country’s capital city. This mountainous area is excellent for short hikes or long treks, and is home to a great deal of wildlife. Come here to see deers, foxes, and more.
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