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Ancient Walk From Thira to Oia

Breathtakingly Beautiful Power Walk
Santorini, Greece is an unquestionably beautiful island, but you can take the island experience up a notch, from beautiful to breathtaking, by hiking the ancient footpath from Thira to Oia.

Start just before sunrise and meander the ancient dirt and cobblestone path, which is perfectly nestled at the cliffs edge, providing breathtaking views of the caldera. I set out on this path alone for a 4 hour hike, not too sure of what I would find along the way. Way up high, above the sea, away from the island crowds, as if walking through the clouds, I experienced the true beauty of the island- obvious natural beauty that surrounds you in every direction, but an ancient, deeply rooted beauty that can only be found in the silence, in the white washed churches scattered along the path, in the sun-smoothed cobblestone of the path ... in the clouds.

Don't forget layered clothes as once the sun rises the temperature does as well, comfortable walking shoes, bottled water & a camera!

Hike from Thira to Oia
By far the most breathtaking (both literally and figuratively) hike I have ever had the pleasure of taking on. The trek includes scenery with dramatic cliffs and vast, impossibly blue waters, friendly encounters with the local mules, and a rewarding cocktail and sunset awaiting your arrival in Oia.

Most incredible hike I've ever experienced.

Fira, Θήρα 847 00, Greece
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