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A Guide to Guatemala City

Guatemala City, Guatemala's largest urban area, lies on a high mountainous valley surrounded by ancient volcanoes. It's an ideal destination for those interested in exploring both the Latin American city lifestyle as well as its gorgeous and unique natural environment.
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zona 10, 5 Avenida 14-67, Guatemala
Sizzling, juicy steak will keep you coming back to Hacienda Real in Guatemala City. A favorite of tourists and locals alike, this steak house is famous for its tenderloin called "lomito." Giant shrimp or flaky fish grilled and smothered in garlic...
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Zona 2 de Mixco, Cdad. de Guatemala, Guatemala
When U.S. school buses are decommissioned, they are reincarnated in Central America and given new life. Repainted and rechristened, they become tropical intercity transport worth taking. For travelers, a journey on one of these is an immersive...
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6A Calle, Guatemala
The incomparable beauty of Mayan textile arts is often the first thing that strikes a visitor to Guatemala and one of the memories that sticks with them the longest. The Museo Ixchel del Traje Indigena, or the Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Dress,...
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Central America 9 Avenida 14-75 Guatemala, Cdad. de Guatemala 01013, Guatemala
Guatemala City was developed in the valley between three ancient volcanos: Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango. When flying in to the area try to get a window seat because the view of these giants will be stunning. The Spanish built their first colonial...
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13 Calle 2-75, Guatemala
After indulging in delicious local Guatemalan fare – plantains, rice, beans, and the like – you may want to let your body take a breather with some healthier sustenance. Thankfully, Guatemala City is home to a branch of Pitaya Juice Bar (Antigua...
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Guatemala City 01010, Guatemala
Wherever you travel, it's always good to locate the nearest bookstore to your hotel. And in Guatemala, you don’t want to be caught without a book: there’s too many plazas and lush patios for you to lack some easily accessible literature at any...
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7A Avenida 14-68, Guatemala
There’s a reason that Zona 10 in Guatemala City is called Zona Viva, or the lively neighborhood. Allegretto, a restaurant, bar, and dance venue with a self-described "European ambiance," is part of that reason. During the day, locals pop in for...
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Mercado Central, Chimaltenango 04001, Guatemala
Mario Rene sells fresh jalapa cheese and quesadillas in In the Mercado Central of Guatemala City. Unlike the typical quesadillas you'd find in America, these are created using cornbread and Zacapa's regional cheese. An unexpected find, this shop...
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5A Calle, Guatemala 01013, Guatemala
I love checking out local zoos while traveling—especially when they're clean, humane, and informative. The Aurora Zoo in Guatemala is definitely a great spot to take the kids for an easy day of excitement. It's been open since 1924 and actually...