Except in downtown Puerta del Sol, the siesta is alive and well and is taken anywhere from 2pm to 5pm! Live like a local, plan your shopping accordingly, and enjoy the silence of the city in these hours. Tranquilo (think tranquil) means "to calm yourself" and is the motto of the Spanish lifestyle. Service may be a bit slower here, but enjoy the ride, shrug your shoulders, and indulge in people watching. There is no rush. Tipping is not customary at most restaurants. If your service was exceptional, by all means show your gratitude, but for most occasions simply leaving the change (under 1 euro) and departing with Gracias ("thank you," pronounced gra-thee-ahs) is appreciated. Of course, this does not apply to high-end venues, where tipping norms are adhered to. Look out for the lisp! Madrileños (locals) have a heavy lisp and speak at lightning speed, usually only pausing to roll their eyes or light a cigarette. Don’t be disheartened if you cannot understand them. Just join in and say Vale (vah-lay), which means "okay."