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Vila Madalena

Oasis of Color in a Dirty City
Sao Paulo is a massive, business hub of South America and not the greatest place to visit. It's full of great food, but not much in the way of culture or beauty.

But there is a funky oasis in the middle of this skyrise city in the artsy neighborhood of Vila Madalena - Batman Alley. This two block alley is covered in colorful, crazy, wild spray paint murals. Bring you camera, then stick around this cool hood for some pao de queijo.

São Paulo is full of unexpected things
I feel for Vila Madalena. The neighborhood is known for its bohemian culture and the dozens of art galleries, street art and design studios. And also for its eclectic and cozy restaurants. Night bars with ease can turn the streets into an outdoor party.
And it’s a safe neighborhood to walk by and live, but quite expensive to rent a room or an apartment.
My cookings were flavored with fresh herbs. The owners garden were from one of the dozens design stores at Vila Madalena. Several times I pulled out a lavender and rosemary little feet, or even basil to my tomato salads.
Once I found a lady painting a trash bin. She told me that she wants to 30 outdoor trash bins around Vila Madalena.
São Paulo is full of unexpected things in the middle of nowhere, and it’s what makes this city special. The rain and traffic chaos do not shape locals character, most are helpful and also friendly.

Vila Madalena, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, 03178-200, Brazil