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Tianjin Yangliuqing Wood New Year Picture Museum

Woodblock Carving: Learn the History, Pick Up Prints!
Tianjin is famous for its traditional woodblock carvings. The local style is the Yangliuqing New Year Pictures, which feature chubby-cheeked figures and bright colors; they may depict a wide range of themes. Before you set out to buy your own items, check out the Museum, for a sense of what to look for, how they're made, and what you like. The production process, as much as the final product is what makes the art so special. A prescribed method of making the woodblocks requires tracing, carving, printing, and painting. Once you've had enough of the museum, head a little further north to Yangliuqing Painting Store (107号 Cheng Xiang Dong Lu, Nan Kai Qu, Tianjin, China) to pick up some artwork to take home for yourself or your friends.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.
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