Telluride Distilling Company

Telluride was a fount of local liquor in its Wild West heyday. Today, the town is returning to its boozy roots with help from Telluride Distilling Company, which produces gluten-free vodka (made entirely from sugarcane), whiskey (finished in charred oak sherry barrels), and peppermint schnapps (based on a recipe from the Alps). Stop by the distillery for a bartender-led tour, then treat yourself to a Telluride Mule cocktail, made with ginger beer that’s also brewed on-site.

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The Telluride Distilling Company

You may accidentally miss the home of the Telluride Distilling Company with its stunning views of the San Juan mountains, but the cozy tasting room is definitely worth seeking out. You can also find the brand’s delicious liquors all around town, from the cane-based vodka and brewed ginger beer (perfectly matched for an out-of-this-world Moscow Mule), or the insanely delicious craft peppermint schnapps which just beg to be added to your next hot chocolate.

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