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St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market
Toronto's St. Lawrence Market is crammed with 120 vendors, butcher counters, bakeries, ethnic eateries, and seafood shops. But there's one reason why most people come here: the peameal bacon sandwich, which is dished up at the Carousel Bakery. It's not really bacon—or at least not the bacon you usually eat—but rather tender, thicker strips of pork, cut from the loin and then rolled in peameal (like cornmeal but made from peas), and served on a kaiser roll with a swipe of mustard. It's a porklicious treat!

Markets: Anyone care for some head cheese?
I love going to markets when I'm on a trip. It's a place where you get a glimpse of people's every day lives. If I live in Toronto, St. Lawrence Market would definitely where I'd shop on weekends. It's a multi-level indoor market where you can pretty much find anything and everything.

Torontonians Love the St. Lawrence Market
The St. Lawrence Market is great. There are tons of picnic benches outside as well as stools inside. Check their website for upcoming events. A quick hit list of where I go: -Carousel Bakery for peameal bacon sandwiches. They're famous for a reason -Chris's Cheesemongers—ask for Len. He's a good friend and, well, just the best! These guys work hard. -That said, my friend who is a cook and had the apartment swears by Olympic Cheese. I like its layout—you can pick up the cheese as opposed to ordering it at the counter. -Buster's Sea Cove. Two words: Lobster Bisque. They don't sell the lobster rolls here on a regular basis. You'll have to go to their food truck for that. -Stone Mill Bakery—great bread. But for $4.95 a loaf? Show me the stone mill. -Sheffer's—they sell prosciutto for $2 here on some days. In the grocery store, it's usually $6-8! -Churrasco for chicken and soup. This guy works so hard and he pays attention to the little details, down to the way he folds your bag. It's really quite charming. The chicken is a great bang for your buck. -St. Urbain Bagels—yes!

BOAR'd in Toronto
Markets are different everywhere you go worldwide, but collectively produce a variety of vendors selling something unique. At St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, all of the items were fresh, delicious and beautifully displayed. Here one vendor specialized in dried sausages in several meat forms.

Fruits of Love
Your eyes will be shocked with mountains of fruit so ripe and bright in color, it could have only been made with love.

St. Lawrence Market
A trip to St. Lawrence Market is a rite of passage for all Torontonians and visitors alike. The cavernous space has been graced by the likes of Anthony Bourdain, who ate one of the famous peameal bacon sandwiches at Carousel Bakery. The red brick market building once served as city hall, reaching back to 1845 with a couple of rebuilds thrown into the mix. Spanning two levels, it boasts 120 vendors hawking a smorgasboard of goods from fruit and veg, to scrumptious baked goods and over to casual sit-down eateries like Buster’s Sea Cove, which does a stellar fish ‘n’ chips. Arrive hungry.

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