Otara Flea Market

Newbury Street, Manukau, Auckland 2023, New Zealand

Saturday morning and this is the place to be to get a true slice of the Pacific. The Otara Flea Markets have rows and rows of fresh fruit, clothing, bric-a-brac and of course food, but it’s the Polynesian colour and music that makes it so special. Far from the traditional shop fronts of Queen Street, this is where commerce meets culture and you can pick up a mighty decent bag of apples for $1.50.

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Calories Schmalories

OK, so your cardiologist isn’t going thank me for saying this but seriously, McDonalds and BK and KFC have nothing on this bacon buttie all the way from Otara Markets in South Auckland. The markets have all sorts of food, with a huge Polynesian and Maori influence, as well as arts and crafts, reggae-galia, enough fruit and veggies to sink a waka, and of course the ubiquitous bric-a-brac that’s just waiting to find a loving home.

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