Nazare, Portugal

2450 Nazaré, Portugal

Nazare, a colorful fishing village, is about 1 hour north of Fatima in Portugal. It is famous for its fishing boats and traditional clothing of its men and women. The boats are gaily painted with upturned prows as they have been since the days of the Phoenicians. The men wear plaid shirts and long stocking caps in which they keep their cigarettes. The women wear the many colored skirts, shirts, vest, and 7 petticoats. The ladies sit outside their homes and entice you to rent their rooms, or they sit under umbrellas on the beach and chat as their salted fish stretched on wooden racks, dry in the sun. Some fishermen sit on the beach and mend their nets, others are out on the sea fishing. Before 1986, the fishing boats were hauled up on the beach by oxen. Today there is a large marina around the corner so you won’t get to see this ancient ritual. But Nazare is still old Portugal. It is charming . The beach and water are very clean and the waves can be a challenge. Surfers love this area with its huge waves. In January, 2013, a Hawaiian surfer rode a 100' wave off the coast of Nazare and broke a record. There are many shops and cafes in the town. Pick up a straw hat or a souvenir doll with her seven petticoats. Enjoy lunch at one of the great seafood restaurants. The choices are consistently fresh and well-prepared. Nazare is a must see for anyone traveling in Portugal. You can take a tour or drive if you have a car. However you get there, you will have a great time.

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Summer Beach Cabanas

Nazare is a tiny fishing village on the west coast of Portugal. While in Fatima, I decided to take a side trip to Nazare. In the summer, tourists flood Nazare daily. Many arrive to enjoy a great fresh fish lunch, visit the sitio on top of the cliff, watch the fisherman mend their nets, and catch a glimpse of a woman in her traditional 7 petticoats. But locals and residents go to the beach at Nazare to enjoy the sand, sun, and sea. The beach is covered with small beach cabana rentals. Families rent them and spend the day at the beach eating, drinking, swimming and visiting with each other. I enjoyed the sight of these many colorful, striped cabanas in neat, tight rows. From atop the Sitio, as I looked down I could see the white pointed tops of these beach huts. I watched the children frolic and play and the grown-ups sit and talk as they enjoyed a day at the beach. Nazare is one of the prettiest and most picturesque beaches in Portugal. It is easy to see why this is such a popular and beloved tourist site. Info: The TOURISMO on Avenida Da Republica, Nazare.

Do You Know the Way to Nazare?

Old Portuguese women in local dress seduce beachcombers and tourists with their tantalizing display of “percebes.” Percebes, a type of barnacle found on beachside rocks, are the perfect snack treat. These enterprising ladies will even show you how to suck the yummy goodness from the shell.

The Way to Nazare

One of the loveliest towns I visited during a recent trip to Portugal, was the sleepy little beach town of Nazare. Located on the Atlantic about halfway between Lisbon and Porto, this tiny town looks like something from a bygone era. Local women wear traditional Nazare dress including skirts with many petticoats and black headdresses. Just local watching is worth the visit.

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