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Cascada San Ramón

Sendero El Porvenir

Nature's Shower at Cascada San Ramon

A two hour hike off the main road on the southwestern slopes of Maderas Volcano on Ometepe Island brings you to the gorgeous moss-covered San Ramon waterfall (Cascada de San Ramon). The trail first leads you through sun-exposed farm fields that are fed by water from San Ramon. It then winds through a lush jungle with bluejays, butterflies and howler monkeys, and dead-ends at the sheer cliff-face of the falls. Wade through the water to cool off under its natural shower or simply sit on a rock and stare up to take in the vertical panorama. There is a $3 entrance fee.

Recommendation 1: Bring a towel if you plan to get wet so that you can comfortably get back into your clothes.

Recommendation 2: Arrive by motorbike and park at a second parking lot further up the trail to shave off about 30 minutes of hiking.