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Namsan Tower

Mail a Postcard from the "Highest Mailbox"
Seoul’s Namsan Mountain is 860 feet tall, and at the top sits the N Seoul Tower rising an additional 777 feet. This aerial perch is the highest point in Seoul, making for some amazing views.

Far below, Seoul sprawls in a toy-like wonderland, while North Korea lurks at the horizon on a clear day. After you see the sights, don’t forget to buy a postcard: N Seoul Tower touts itself as the “highest mailbox,” so be sure to take advantage of this lofty title.

As you stand at 1,637 feet with the sun setting in the distance, you’re bound to wax lyrical as you write your note. Don’t let the poetry of your words go to waste—send your postcard to someone special. Mom?
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Unlikely Art
Near the center of Seoul at the top of Namsan Mountain sits a tower, the North Seoul Tower (CJ Tower, officialy). From the top of the mountain, and the tower, the panoramic views of Seoul are vast and impressive.

A trip up the mountain is well worth your time, reservations can be made to eat in the revolving restaurant at the top of the tower while below martial arts performances are carried out amongst old women spinning cotton candy. In the midst of all these spectacular things I find the sculptures of Parisian artist Cedric Le Borgne to be the best surprise. The method in which he portrays the human form floating through air is simply whimsical.

To get to the top of Namsan you have three choices of transportation: hiking (which takes the longest but is free), bus (reasonably priced but poor views) and cable car (a little expensive but offers greats views).

Shuttle buses, sometimes free, run from Namdaemun market just North of the mountain is an ideal spot to find Seoul's yellow colored buses, these buses are known for stopping in popular destinations.
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N. Seoul Tower, Seoul
Having a little fun with the sunset in Seoul.
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Love bench!
Before taking the lift at N Seoul Tower I was checking the view in one of the decks and then I saw this love bench in the middle of all the love padlocks affixed in the fences surrounding the observation decks of the tower. Luckily enough it was the 13th of February...so a lot of couples were there locking up their everlasting love!!!
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The Heart of Seoul
End a day in Seoul with a sunset ride up a cable car to the highest point in the city and the base of the N Seoul Tower. You'll get some stunning views, and even better, a look at thousands of "love locks" affixed to fences and huge metal trees by countless lovebirds.

The couples who arrived without a lock used their plastic phone cases instead, with love letters written on them. Love locks can be found all over the world—Paris, Serbia, Verona—and are meant to express a love that cannot be broken.
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N Grill: Dining at the Top
At the apex of N Seoul Tower is the N Grill, a romantic date spot if ever there was one.

Views of the city from 1,574 feet above sea level make for a memorable occasion, but add to this the nouvelle French menu, impressive wine list, and decadent desserts—and this is one indulgent night out.

If meat is your penchant, know that N Grill is known for its juicy steaks.
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Discover Namsan Park
Namsan is one of the most popular mountain parks in Seoul and is an accessible way to enjoy outdoor footpaths, botanic gardens, and pagodas. There are several ways to reach the 480-meter peak. Hikers will feel a gentle burn trekking a network of park and forest trails. Or, bypass the majority of the climb by taking a bus or quick ride on a cable car to N Seoul Tower. The plaza and cafés at the summit are open to the public, there’s only an admission fee to visit the top of the broadcast tower. Most tourists though are more than happy with the free, sweeping views from the observation terraces covered in love locks.

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