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Montepulciano, Italy

Sunset over the Tuscan Hills
Someone told me there was an overlook for watching the sunset here in Montepulciano, but I wasn't sure I would make it in time or if I would bother to find it. So, I just wandered around, somewhat aimlessly as is my M.O. and found this overlook. Yup, this was it. I found a spot along the wall and looked out over the Tuscan hills and valley as the colors along the old stone and brick buildings turned gold and the shadows in the valley deepened. An Aussie couple in bike gear came up beside me and we chatted about how lovely it all was. But, it was a time of mostly peace and tranquility for me. So, my usual exuberance took a hike for a few minutes so I could relish the quiet...just the click of my camera and the beating of my heart as I watched the sun finally disappear behind the Tuscan hills.
53045 Montepulciano, Province of Siena, Italy