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El Bolsón

Chillin' at Lago Puelo
I never felt such good vibes as I did in El Bolson/Lago Puelo. One of the best places I have ever been. Days spent hiking in the mountains, drinking craft beers and hanging in the park, eating at the artisans market, or chillin' at Lago Puelo. Days finished with a late night traditional Argentinan parilla(bbq|) and malbec and live music. There are few places in my mind that could be more perfect : )

Stopping at a Tree to Get a Dread ("Rasta") Put in My Hair
We took an early morning bus from Bariloche to El Bolsón knowing that we were heading to a tiny hippy town with not much to do. We didn't have enough time to venture into the so-called burnt mushroom forest (I recommend you try to check it out if you get a chance), so we stopped a beer garden for some refreshing beer (obviously) and some fried calimari and pizza. After 2-3 heavy beers later, our grease-filled bellies needed to get moving so we began venturing along the quiet and empty roads. We passed a tree on a corner that had a few "hippies" sitting around drinking beer and laughing; they called me over a few times, but I shied away at first. I sat down with my friends by a mossy pool and we were joined by a very scruffy dog. I kept looking back at the circle of people with a sort of longing to meet them and then I realized that there was no reason that I shouldn't. I stood up, grabbed my friend and we just headed over. We took a seat and realized that no one knew each other, it was just a bunch of fellow backpackers like ourselves who had all gathered around Martín (pictured). I told him that I liked his dreads and he offered to put one in my hair. I told him that I already had one done, but upon reviewing it, he told me that it was very ugly, but that he could fix it. He crafted me a beautiful metal piece to wrap around it and within 25 minutes he was done. All the while, we sat around and exchanged stories in Spanish and English and passed around 40 ounce beer bottles.

El Bolsón, Río Negro, Argentina