Borough Market

8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL, UK

Over the past two centuries, the covered market at Borough, not far from London Bridge, has become one of the country’s most famous foodie spots. From Wednesday to Saturday each week hundreds of traders gather to sell homemade breads, hand-reared pork, artisan chocolate and all manner of ingredients—plus excellent coffee, fresh juices and organic wine. Plentiful samples add to the convivial vibe, and restaurants around the market’s edge provide additional sustenance for longer stops.

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London's Larder

Whether you’re in need of a quick snack or trying to grocery shop for a week, Borough Market has everything a London gourmand needs. The capital’s oldest food market, Borough is open year-round and features dozens of stalls hawking everything from fresh produce to cured meats, pressed ciders to just-baked bread. Just imagine the smells—if you weren’t hungry when you got here, you will be soon. The market is divided into four main areas: Crown Square, Green Market, Jubilee Market (where the annual Christmas market is held), and the shops and restaurants that surround the market on Stoney Street, Park Street, and Bedale Street. Leave enough time to wander through them all. Borough is open just for lunch Monday through Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The full market is open on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday from noon to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It’s an easy walk from the London Bridge tube station, and once you’re that far into southeast London, you might as well stop by the Tate Modern when you’ve finished at the market. If you’re not too full, that is.

Public Market Perfection

Bustling along the south bank of the Thames, Borough Market is London‘s largest public market. If you’re brave enough to handle the crowds, head there on a Saturday or for a quieter experience, head there during the week. Make sure to come hungry, as their street food vendors offer a wide variety of cuisines, cooked right there in the open air. Our favorites included the German bratwurst, pad thai from Thailand and the most unique grilled cheese you’ll ever see!

Favorite coffee spot in London

Monmouth in Borough Market has the most divine coffee. The coffee is so sweet and smooth you don’t need to add sugar. They also serve fresh breads and jams on long communal tables inside.

Best German Sausages in London

The Borough Market, which is open Thurs- Sat is overall an excellent London open air market. When I was there, the sausage stand was to the right upon entering from near Southwark Cathedral (also worth a peek-gorgeous!). These sausages MUST NOT BE MISSED. They’re also conveniently edible with one hand, so you can peruse the rest of the market while snacking. I highly recommend going early Saturday morning to avoid excessive crowds, especially during tourist season. Although not your typical brunch, I’ve found that sausage plus sangria/Pimms (also nearby) really can’t be beat...


Borough Market is a must when in London. Shop, eat and hang out with the locals. Great produce, coffee, chips and local goods.

Feast in the Middle of the City

Borough Market off of London Bridge is not so much a secret for the locals. I stumbled upon it on my way to the Tate Modern museum. If you’re on a similar route, I would highly recommend this area. Higher-end restaurants such as Roast and fish! are among those in the fresh open-air stands of breads, cheeses, Vietnamese curries, empanadas, proper English meat pies, meringues, and what you see here—a variety of dry cured French sausages, Saucisson.

Coffee Worth Waiting For at Monmouth Coffee

Across the street from foodie mecca Borough Market, you’ll find some of the city’s best brew at Monmouth Coffee. Prepare to wait, lines often wind around the corner but generally move quickly. If you’re lucky a friendly employee will come round to offer a sample of their delightful drip coffee. Lattes and flat whites are strong and smooth with a faint but appealing funk. Order some bread and jam to score a spot at the cozy communal table. Otherwise it’s pretty much standing room only. Best to get your coffee to go and head into the market for some gourmet shopping.

Fuel Up with Chorizo at Borough Market

The chorizo sandwich from the Brindisa stall is a perfect introduction to London’s Borough Market. The chewy, spicy sausage is nicely complemented by bright pickled red peppers and a handful of fresh greens. It’s all wrapped up in a squishy, olive oil drizzled roll. You’ll eat the whole thing in 3-4 bites then be ready to brave the crowds inside the market. Even better, grab a sandwich then queue up at Monmouth Coffee for an excellent latte or flat white. The caffeine and protein will sustain some serious powershopping. The Brindisa stall is just to the left of the market’s main entrance, Monmouth Coffee is directly across the street.

A sense-ual tour of Borough Market

Roasted duck sandwiches, wild boar and black truffle ravioli and freshly made chai, there is no better place in London to tour the tastes and smells of the city than Borough Market. Somehow I always end up here on my days off. Maybe it’s old world look of the market, which is located under London Bridge. Maybe it’s the cultures that come together and share food here. Maybe it’s the different foods and free samples. Yea…it definitely has to do with the last possibility mentioned. Even though I’ve visited here at least a hundred times, I always do a quick tour of the market before deciding what I want. Usually full off samples after my overview, I’ll make the effort to squeeze a cheese sandwich or lamb sandwich in my stomach. The food is that good and vendors that friendly.

Drunk Cheese and Spiced Cider and Fresh Oysters, Oh My!

I have a thing for markets. They give me a warm, cozy feeling; offer exotic foods; and tend to be cheap and colorful. Borough Market in London? Definitely in my top five. It appeased the beast inside me growling for cheese with its wheels of Comté cheese and its variety of cheeses unknown to me. My best discovery was the Ubriaco (Italian for “drunk”), an aged cows’ milk cheese whose rind is soaked in wine. As if that weren’t enough to make me want to live there, the spiced apple cider fought the late October chill. The biggest pot of curry I’ve ever seen played its own role in thawing my bones, too. To top that off, the oysters were as fresh as the ones I eat in my coastal hometown of Puerto Rico and the options for dessert (organic fruit, dulce de leche, shortbread owl cookies) completely immobilized my already indecisive brain. Luckily I had only a day left in London; otherwise, I might have spent the last of my money on gardenias (which would’ve made it impossible for me to get to the airport).

Tasty Pastries at Borough Market

Every Thursday through Saturday, head down to the South Bank’s Borough Market for a world-class farmer’s market eat-and-stroll experience. You’ll find everything from fresh produce and flowers to meats and cheeses to the mountains of mouth-watering pastries shown here (I tried my first Bakewell tart from this stand!). If you just can’t wait, food stalls offer traditional English favorites and more exotic cuisine for takeaway snacking. When you need a break, stop in at one of the nearby pubs for a drink and admire your edible treasures.

London´s best food market

Borough Market is much more than of of London’s traditional trading posts. It is a gathering ground between avid foodie shoppers and deeply in love with their produce traders. The building that the market takes place was built in 1851, however there are scrolls mentioning its existence even before 1276. Locals come to chat with their trader friends, where they exchange thoughts and impressions on food and recipes. The neighborhood feel that this market has lived on for the past century and a half, has reached another level of contrast within the ever busy London, as the city’s latest coqueluche, The Shard has been built just across the street. With an atmosphere rich is fresh food odors and trade hagle, it is a joy to the eyes to see the assortment of produce and food that makes this market the best for food in London, and maybe the uk. British traditional dishes rub shoulders with international street food, so you know you can have a choice of a barley grass health conscious cocktail juice, or a decadent pulled salt beef sandwich on sourdough. Pimm’s cocktails, fresh oysters, paella, turkish delights, greek olives, truffles, on the spot cooked french baguettes, world cheeses, vegan burgers, indian street food, british strawberries.... My recommendation is to go for lunchtime on a weekday, so you miss the weekend rush and have more time and space to enjoy this astonishing culinary delight.

Borough Market: A Culinary Delight

When you live in a city as historical and cultural as London, there is no dearth of new things to explore. But there are always those few routine activities that feature in your outings every week – The Borough Market is one such local experience for us. Food wholesalers and retailers gather in this age old market place in central London. As you can see on the picture, the market is split into 3 parts – The Green Market, The Middle Market and The Jubilee Market. Head to the green area for scrumptious grilled meat sandwiches (ironic, eh?), cheese toasts and fine foods. The food is to die for, reasonable and satiating. Our favourites are the game sandwich at The Guildable Manor and the duck sandwich at Le Marché du Quartier. Once you have stuffed yourself silly with the delicious eats (trust us you will!), walk around and explore the colourful stalls selling everything from exquisite wines to local produce for you to take home. This place is a photographer’s delight with its vibrant stalls, scintillating colours and the commotion. And if you haven’t had enough of the culinary delights, head over to Monmouth Coffee Company for a delicious cup of coffee.

Go Rustic At Farmers' Markets

Farmers’ Markets are a great way to sample locally produced fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and meats. Colorful seasonal produce sits alongside fresh meat to offer a culinary experience like no other. Borough Market is one of London’s most popular farmers market. Let your nose lead you to the best stalls in this energetic market. Expect to find everything from cured meats and mature cheeses to exotic vegetables and rare fruits here. If you prefer something quieter, head to Berwick Street Market or Marylebone Farmers’ Market. If flowers are your thing, do not miss the chaotic Columbia Road Flower Market.

There's Always an Excuse for Borough Market

Have an excuse to go to Borough Market, in London’s Southwick neighborhood, for any occasion. Only visiting the city for a few days? Do you need a place to take an out-of-towner? Did you just have lunch but can eat anyways? Whatever the answer may be, that sounds great. Meet you here. Opened in 1851 on the banks of the Thames, Borough Market comprises a maze of stands that artfully peddle a panoply of local and international cuisines. Nearly every type of food is on display, from fresh oysters to steaming pasties, chocolate cakes to golden-hued cheese, and pressed fruit juices to sparkling champagne. But, there is a downside: The market is open throughout the week, but many vendors are only around on the weekends – along with the crowds. Find yourself under the market’s green archways on a Thursday in the early afternoon, and you can mosey from stand to stand and talk to the traders about their favorite concoctions. There will be less people around at this time, and more room for your happily expanding stomach.

Bustling markets in motion

As soon as you walk in to the market, you are greeted by flower shop vendors, colorful produce stalls and artisanal products. I was as ecstatic as a child in a chocolate store. Although the wafting aromas of cheese, fresh coffee, and fresh everything was enough to get me stepping into their respective stalls, the vendors where just as inviting on a whole new level, offering free samples and spoonfuls to taste. It was truly an experience that engaged all senses. What I found exciting the most, was the educational part of a trip to the market. You could strike up conversations with knowledgeable vendors and ask them about their products, farming techniques, a recipe using their product and even the best coffee place around the area (which according to the fish monger, was Monmouth coffee shop). My sister and I looked like toursists, so the tips came flowing from everyone even when we didn’t have to ask!! British hospitality at its best. P.S Don’t miss out on Kanom Kroks, a sweet coconutty dessert sold by lovely people from Thailand. oh and it’s Gluten free too.

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