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Barker's National Park

West Bay, Cayman Islands

Embrace the Elements of Water and Air at Barker’s National Park

Let the wind be your guide as you surf and sail the blue waters of the island during an invigorating and action-packed kitesurfing session. This sport is the perfect blend between kiting, windsurfing, and wakeboarding, and involves harnessing and utilizing the power of the wind and ocean to glide across the top of the waves. Try Kitesurf Cayman at the beach at Barker’s National Park in the West Bay; it's the ideal kitesurfing spot as it has perfect wind conditions and moderate swells. This adventurous activity has become well-loved by locals and a test of determination for beginners.

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over 7 years ago

Barker's National Park: A Remote Cayman Islands Beach

This national park runs along the sea and is only accessible via a long dirt road near Papagallo restaurant. As this beach is truly secluded, it may have areas of seaweed and driftwood to maneuver around.