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7 Ridiculous Food Gadgets You Can Take on a Road Trip

By Kayla Matthews


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 Your car is like your second home—so why not bring your kitchen along for the ride? If you want to put a quirky spin on your favorite piece of transportation, here are some out-of-this-world cooking gadgets that can all plug into your cigarette lighter socket. We think they’d be handy on your next road trip.

Note: You should never try to multitask while driving; all of the gadgets mentioned here should only be used if your vehicle is parked and out of traffic’s way. But you knew that, right?


1. In-Car Microwave, $180
Powered with a cigarette lighter socket or your car’s battery, this portable microwave can heat up everything from pizza to coffee to your favorite Trader Joe’s Indian meal-in-a-box. Totally beats stopping at fast food joints and roadside diners.


2. Portable Pizza Oven, $36
Are you a hardcore pizza lover? Great news: You can now (re)heat pizza to crispy, melty perfection on the road. It has built-in controls for cooking or warming pizza, and comes with a fold-out carry handle for your convenience. Also, like the microwave oven, it’s powered by your car’s cigarette lighter socket.


3. Cigarette Lighter-Powered Espresso Machine, $136
With this espresso machine (powered by—you guessed it!—a cigarette lighter socket), you can brew your favorite pick-me-up blend in the comfort of your own car. Unlike most coffee machines, it’s quite easy to use: Just mix water and the E.S.E. coffee pod of your choice, press a button, wait for 3 beeps, and you’re done.


4. Non-Stick Sandwich Maker, $27
This 12v portable sandwich maker will help you whip up a quick meal in no time, with its heat-resistant case, car lighter power source and non-stick surface. No more worrying about a cold sandwich ever again!


5. Mini Fridge Cooler, $42
This portable mini cooler is exactly what it sounds like. If you like to drink a soda or two during a trip, this is pretty much a must-have. It comes with an AC/DC adaptor, and can hold up to six 16 oz. cans. It even has a little carrying handle! Awwwww.


6. Electric Wine Bottle Opener, $18
Of course, you should never crack a bottle of wine while driving or when you plan to be driving in the near future. But, for those roadside nights when you might be camping out in your car and a regular wine key just doesn’t cut it, an electric wine bottle opener might be just the travel gadget of your dreams. This one is good for 30 uses before it needs to be charged again, and its compact charging base is simple to take on-the-go.


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7. RoadPro Slow Cooker, $28
We’ve covered the pizza oven and sandwich maker, but for those travelers who have a soft spot for delicious soups, stews, curry and tender meat dishes, this portable slow cooker is the answer to your travel food dreams. This 1.5 quart slow cooker plugs directly into your lighter socket so you can use it no matter where you are. It also comes with a stretch cord to keep the lid secure so there’s little chance of you spilling your meal on your vehicle’s upholstery. Delicious and convenient!

Do you know of any other gadgets that will make your car the envy of all your friends?