9 Comfy Pants That Are Perfect for Both WFH and Long Flights

These are the comfy pants AFAR staffers are living in on WFH days, but wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear on an airplane.

9 Comfy Pants That Are Perfect for Both WFH and Long Flights

Turns out the best travel pants double as great WFH pants.

Courtesy of Pashko, Outdoor Voices, and ThirdLove

Wearing jeans—or really anything with a waistband—seems like an unnecessary constriction on days when you aren’t heading to the office. Thankfully, some of the best WFH pants double as the perfect travel pants for long flights.

These are the kind of comfy pants that are stretchy and have little-to-no waistband for keeping cozy during video chats, but also look polished enough to walk through TSA PreCheck with your dignity intact. Here, eight pairs that our predominantly female staff loves to wear, plus one pair for the men who’d rather not deal with denim.

Prana Electa Legging

Buy Now: Women’s, $89, prana.com

Whether at home or on the road, I practically live in Prana’s Electa Leggings. Available in solid green, blue, black, gray, and coral, these leggings are ultra soft and comfortable. The wide waistband hugs my hips without creating a muffin-top scenario, and the deep side pockets are perfect for holding my phone on the go. —Jessie Beck, SEO manager

Lululemon Align Pants

Buy Now: Women’s, $98, shop.lululemon.com

The material of these pants seriously feels like butter. It’s the closest I’ve got to feeling like I’m pantless in public. Also, the waistband comes up high enough that it never digs into your stomach when you’re sitting down. —Ciera Velarde, newsletter engagement editor


Courtesy of Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices All Day Sweatpants

Buy Now: Women’s, $88, outdoorvoices.com; Men’s, $88, outdoorvoices.com

My friend bought these for herself. And then her husband bought them. And then another friend bought them, so I bought them, too. Sometimes we’re all wearing them when we’re together and I’m not even embarrassed, because they’re the softest sweatpants I’ve ever owned and they make me happy. Plus, then we can all sit around talking about how comfy we are, which is a great way to pass the time with friends. —Natalie Beauregard, travel guides editor

Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Plush for Upstate Sweatpants

Buy Now: Women’s, $70, loft.com

Don’t you like the sound of these pants? “Signaturesoft Plush for Upstate Sweatpants”—it paints a picture I’d like to live in, kicking back in some upstate bungalow without a care in the world and the equivalent of a baby blanket covering my legs. I actually got these Lou & Grey pants (in gray) during my last pregnancy, and I continue to wear them on flights, on weekends, when I’m puttering around the house. I guess that’s all the time now? They have the requisite pockets and drawstring, and a nice tapered leg so they feel less like sweatpants and more like a jogger. They’ve also survived countless washes and remain as soft as the day I bought them. —Laura Dannen Redman, digital content director


Courtesy of ThirdLove

ThirdLove Organic Cotton Joggers

Buy Now: Women’s, $55, thirdlove.com

Made from an ultra soft, organic bamboo/cotton/spandex blend, ThirdLove’s joggers are the kind of pants you never want to step out of. (They sold out, but these Wonderknit Pajama Joggers are similar.) At once cozy and breathable, simple yet stylish, they’re just as easy to wear on a cold day snuggled up inside or while transitioning between temperatures while traveling. Plus, they have pockets, and what person doesn’t love a good pocket (or two)? I legitimately look forward to going home so I can put these on. —J.B.

Uniqlo Sweatpants

Buy Now: Women’s, $30, uniqlo.com

As a mom who works from home the majority of the time (even prior to coronavirus), I wear comfy pants (my preferred nomenclature) more often than I’d like to admit. Here’s the thing I’ve come to realize about comfy pants—pockets are clutch. I need a convenient place to tote my phone, otherwise the comfy pants are no good to me. I’ve been rocking these simple “women sweatpants” from Uniqlo for years. They’re affordable, durable, and seamlessly go from night to day. But since they’re sweatpants, they don’t technically qualify as pajamas, so I’m not working in my pajamas, OK? —Michelle Baran, travel news editor


Courtesy of Pashko

Pashko Serene Travel Pants

Buy Now: Women’s, $148, pashko.com

These pants are comfortable to travel in, and they are also fab for lounging at home, too, while planning my next trip from my sofa. The fabric is luxuriously soft and moisture wicking, and there’s roomy pockets for all your stuff. Plus, there’s no itchy, tight waistband. The tie waist belt is not only stylish, but is also great to loosen after too much snacking. —Lyn Horst, digital photo editor

L.L. Bean Primaloft ThermaStretch Fleece Pocket Tights

Buy Now: Women’s, $109, llbean.com

I bought a pair of L.L. Bean heavyweight base layer pants before my Antarctica trip and loved them so much, I even wore them outside of our polar activities. (They sold out, but these Primaloft ThermaStretch fleece pocket tights are similar.) They were a little spendy, so when I returned I packed them away, intending them to be for winter activities only. But somehow, they found their way out of our winter box and into my WFH wardrobe. Whoopsies. And now I wear them all the time, including at the moment I typed this. Why do I love them so? They’re thick and almost feel fleece-lined—though technically they’re not—yet sleek enough (without being skintight) that I can easily throw on a T-shirt and sneakers and appear semi put-together. Plus, the pants are made partially from recycled water bottles, so I feel like a do-gooder even when I’m lazing about. —Aislyn Greene, senior editor


Courtesy of Faherty

Faherty Stretch Terry 5-Pocket Pants

Buy Now: Men’s, $148, fahertybrand.com

These pants are as comfy as my favorite absurdly soft five-year-old broken-in weekend sweats, but have the fit and cut of my best dress for work jeans or cords. Perfect for work trips where I’d rather save space in my carry-on for running shoes versus another pair of pants. —Bryan Kinkade, publisher

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Lyndsey Matthews is the senior commerce editor at AFAR who covers travel gear, packing advice, and points and loyalty.
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