The AFAR Travel Vanguard 2023

Vanguard Awardd

A Bigger, Bolder Celebration

In 2016, we created the Travel Vanguard Awards to honor values-oriented leaders making positive changes in world. This year, we’re expanding our lens to focus on entire organizations that walk the walk to ensure that travel is a force for good. And in 2023, we’re thrilled to announce that AFAR and the travel industry will be back on stage to honor and celebrate the winning brands and their incredible work at our signature Vanguard Awards event in New York City.

  • Vanguard is the most inspiring travel event ever. It wasn’t just another award event. The honorees and their stories put meaning and purpose to travel like I have never seen before.
    Ted Teng, Former CEO of Leading Hotels Worldwide
Stay tuned for more details

More details will be announced shortly. In the meantime, nominate your candidates for the 2023 AFAR Travel Vanguard.