Founder’s Note

AFAR cofounder Greg Sullivan reflects on the past year and a half—and how the travel industry is blazing a path forward.
The pandemic crushed the travel industry. As we look to a brighter future, AFAR founder Greg Sullivan shares how we can make travel a more positive force in the world.
AFAR’s co-founder Greg Sullivan reflects on our rapidly changing world as the magazine goes to print.
AFAR co-founder Greg Sullivan reflects on an experience that transformed the way he approached travel.
AFAR co-founder Joe Diaz recently returned from an epic, 23-day-long group trip around the globe. But in the end, this dream trip wasn’t defined by its exclusivity or even the destinations: Instead, the biggest reward came in the form of human connection.
AFAR set out to show how travel could enrich people’s lives. A decade later, co-founder Greg Sullivan reflects on how it has done just that–and where we still have to go.
Tourism has skyrocketed in the past decade. AFAR’s co-founder reflects on how travelers, despite having the world at their fingertips, can be better global citizens.
AFAR’s co-founder reflects on the importance of travel–both internationally and right here in the United States.
AFAR’s co-founder tips his hat to the talented individuals who make up our travel community.
AFAR’s co-founder reflects on the value of forward-thinking and the latest class of the Travel Vanguard.
During a visit to Puerto Rico, AFAR cofounder Greg Sullivan witnesses the generosity and the resilience of the island’s people.
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How ten days of total silence can change your perspective.
AFAR co-founder Greg Sullivan boarded his first river cruise expecting to enjoy his time ashore. What surprised him was how much he enjoyed the journey itself.
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The upside of travel’s downsides.
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Where we’ve lived—and where we’ve traveled—make us who we are.
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Travel clues us into how we can—and why we should—build a more just society.
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