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Johannesburg is South Africa’s largest city. Variously known as Jozi, Jo’burg, or its Zulu name, Egoli (City of Gold), the place has attracted a myriad of cultures over the centuries, all drawn by the famed fortune that gave rise to this city. Visitors to Jozi in summer will find hot days with cooling afternoon showers. Winters are fantastic too, with bright, sunny days and chilly evenings. Activities from inner-city art walks to feasting on the local culinary dishes will keep any traveler entertained.

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Justin LeeJohannesburg Local Expert

Justin Lee is a freelance photographer based in Johannesburg. He loves shooting with pretty models, but also photographs hardcore MMA Fighters for EFC Africa, food, products and the beautiful outdoors of his country. He has contributed to local travel publications like Getaway and City Pocket Guides, and has also done work for Adidas, FashionTV and City Sightseeing. When he's not behind a camera, you can find him catching up with friends or trying to find some hidden gem in the city. See more of Justin's work and catch up with his adventures on his website, Justin Lee Photography