Great Markets Around The World
Markets are not just a great place to shop but are also a perfect place to witness the rhythm of local life. Get a feeling for what people eat and buy and how people go about their daily lives with some of these markets around the world.

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Torontonians Love the St. Lawrence Market

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The St. Lawrence Market is great. There are tons of picnic benches outside as well as stools inside. Check their website for upcoming events.

A quick hit list of where I go:

-Carousel Bakery for peameal bacon sandwiches. They're famous for a reason
-Chris's Cheesemongers—ask for Len. He's a good friend and, well, just the best! These guys work hard.
-That said, my friend who is a cook and had the apartment swears by Olympic Cheese. I like its layout—you can pick up the cheese as opposed to ordering it at the counter.
-Buster's Sea Cove. Two words: Lobster Bisque. They don't sell the lobster rolls here on a regular basis. You'll have to go to their food truck for that.
-Stone Mill Bakery—great bread. But for $4.95 a loaf? Show me the stone mill.
-Sheffer's—they sell prosciutto for $2 here on some days. In the grocery store, it's usually $6-8!
-Churrasco for chicken and soup. This guy works so hard and he pays attention to the little details, down to the way he folds your bag. It's really quite charming. The chicken is a great bang for your buck.
-St. Urbain Bagels—yes!

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