Spain's Museums and Architecture
Get lost in the grandeur of the great mosques, cathedrals, and monuments to human creativity. Don't miss the bind-bending Guggenheim, Antoni Gaudí's basilica, and the passages of the royal palace, among many other places to contemplate Spanish art, cultural fusion, and the sacred mysteries.

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Get Blown Away at the Guggenheim

Modern, mind bending, and mentally interactive, the Guggenheim Museum is one of the must-do experiences of Spain.

You could easily spend an hour getting lost in the beauty of the facade, with the monstrous tarantula, the skyscraper of a flowered dog, and the fact that the building looks like a series of cookie cutters someone has carefully stacked on top of itself.

This should give you a great clue as to the many outstanding exhibitions that lie inside. Find the Guggenheim centrally located in Bilbao, one of the up-and-coming cities of Spain.

Photo by Guillermo Viciano/Flickr.

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