How to Eat Your Way through Italy
Truffles, pizza, charcuterie, burrata, pastries: a trip to Italy is a trip to a gastronomic wonderland. Is it even possible to try everything? We're willing to make the effort.

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Circus Maximus Campagna Amica market

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Every Saturday and Sunday on Via S. Teodoro, tucked just off Circus Maximus, Rome's best farmer's market takes place. It's run by Campagna Amica, an Italy-wide organization that promotes local, sustainable agriculture—so all of the products sold here, from jam to olive oil, bread to cheese, beer to wine, come from the Lazio region only, and are sold directly by the producers themselves. Tastings are a-plenty and the producers are more than happy to chitchat about their foodstuffs. If you come around lunchtime, you can buy a cheap lunch—maybe even including porchetta sliced right off the pig, like here—to eat on the picnic tables outside.

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by Amanda Ruggeri
AFAR Contributor
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