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Tuscan Villas - Food, Wine, Hotels in luxurious Tuscany

Tuscan villas offer travelers to Florence and surrounding areas an alternative to staying and dining within the region's city centers. Many villas in Tuscany have not only converted themselves into hotels or home rentals, but also, they are now open to visitors as restaurants, wineries, and even olive oil fabriche. To discover another side of the richness, beauty, and history of Tuscany, a stay or day trip to a villa or farmhouse is well worth the visit.
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53017 Villa SI, Italy
In the hills of Tuscany, protected by reserve status and hidden by ancient trees, deer roam wild and a spring -- with water so fresh it was the preferred source by the famous Medici family -- flows for 15 years before emerging to become the...
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Via di Campestri, 19/22, 50039 Vicchio di Mugello FI, Italy
How tempting is it to run off to a rustic Tuscan villa? To just drive the rolling, vineyard- and olive grove–lined hills of Tuscany until you find the perfect one to painstakingly, lovingly restore, à la Under the Tuscan Sun, where you can produce...
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There are no guarantees the northern lights will start dancing on the night you look skyward, but it's so worth taking the chance. One of the great rewards for hanging out in Alaska once the dark and cold settle over the state, the northern lights...