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Eat Like a Local in Antigua

To eat like a local in Antigua, you have to be willing to get off the beaten track. While in Antigua, here are five ways to do it. The Antigua Black pineapples are a must, but don't miss the most popular hot sauce on-island, a proper traditional lunch plate at Buba's, or a dish guaranteed to put some bite in your bark. Eating like an Antiguan local is as rewarding an experience as you can have on the island.
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Old Road, Antigua and Barbuda
All across Antigua you can find what may, at first glance, appear to be regular pineapples, but if you pass up on sampling the Antigua Black Pineapples, or just Antigua Blacks for short, you'd be missing what many call the sweetest pineapple on...
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Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda
I HATE TOBASCO! Yes, I wrote that in all caps, because I feel this so powerfully, that all caps was the only way to concisely express my position in type. Yes, I hate it, but don't get the wrong idea, I LOVE hot sauce —or as we call it in the West...
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St Mary's St, St John's, Antigua and Barbuda
What’s a roti? The simple answer is the ultimate comfort meal of curry wrapped in a thin dough—borrowed from India and perfected in Trinidad and Tobago. You have to understand — making roti is not an easy task. Like many other traditional...
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Dockyard Drive, Antigua and Barbuda
Goat water is basically a thin soup. Swimming in its brown depths you’ll find lumps of practically any part of a goat (usually bones and all), there’s clove, thyme, plus some other assorted herbs and spices, and depending on what island you find...