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12 Experiences You'll Love in Malta

You can gaze upon ancient ruins and craggy landscapes, dive deep into a turquoise grotto or explore catacombs, drink local wine and eat rabbit stew. Or you can pretend to be the Khaleesi from Game of Thrones: There’s no shortage of exotic experiences in Malta.
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Qrendi, Malta
These smaller sea caverns located on the southwestern coast of the main island are a hidden gem. While they’re certainly not private, they don’t get nearly as many crowds as the Blue Lagoon or the Azure Window. What’s more, they’re about 10...
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Żebbuġ, Malta
The northern coast of Gozo provides a fascinating introduction to one of the most important traditions on the island: sea-salt production. This three-kilometer stretch of 350-year-old rock-cut salt pans is a tourist attraction in its own right,...
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Comino, Malta
While Malta’s uninhabited third island of Comino may be mostly barren and feature only a few hotels, it’s got one very popular destination: The Blue Lagoon. Visitors mostly drift over for the day by private boat or an organized trip...
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Hal-Bajjada, Ir-Rabat, Malta
Located on the outskirts of Mdina in Rabat, these sites pay homage to the great Apostle Paul himself who along with 274 others were shipwrecked just off Malta around 60AD on their way to Rome. Legend has it that the survivors took refuge in a...
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Triq Hagar Qim, Il-Qrendi QRD 2501, Malta
Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, these two Stonehenge-like structures date back to 3600-3200 BC, but were only excavated in 1839. Both are accessed via the same visitor center, where for 10 you’ll get a ticket and a comprehensive (and...
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292 Triq Sant' Orsla, Il-Belt Valletta, Malta
Head to the Upper Barrakka Gardens for sweeping panoramic views of the Grand Harbour. From this vantage point you can also spot the old towns of Senglea and Vittoriosa, and the shipyards below. You'll encounter the Saluting Battery, where daily...
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Triq San Gwann, Il-Belt Valletta, Malta
There are no words that can prepare you for the baroque interior of the St John's Co Cathedral in Malta. And that's a good thing, because the instant reaction as you step through the first set of doors is worth the admission price alone. I'm not...
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Valletta, Malta
Any local will tell you the place to be on a Friday night from May through October is sitting on the stadium stone steps of this jazz bar off St. Ursula Street in Valletta. Cushions are put out early and remain late for music lovers who come to...
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Mdina, Malta
This fortified city was once the capital before the arrival of the Order of St. John, after which it remained an important—but quiet—noble presence, hence gaining the nickname the “Silent City.” Architecturally, the...
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Triq Tal-Prajjet, Il-Mellieħa, Malta
If ever you wondered about Robin Williams’ contribution to Malta, this fully constructed film set for the 1980 Robert Altman production of Popeye in which Williams starred will give it to you straight. Built over the course of seven...
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Gozo, Malta
This baroque structure made of local limestone in the shape of a Latin cross is enclosed within the walls of Gozo’s famous citadel just near the town of Victoria. In addition to the impressive steps and marble statues of bishops leading up to the...