From pap and wors (sausages and porridge) to biltong and beer, South African food won’t disappoint. Have a hearty braai (barbecue) while watching rugby with friends. Malva pudding (a sticky, cakey dessert topped with custard or ice cream) is an appropriately indulgent follow-up. On a hot summer evening, throw back some Klippies (brandy) and Coke for a nightcap. Try bobotie, a dish of Indonesian origin, made with spiced meat and a baked egg topping. In Soweto, be sure to try out some traditional fare at popular meeting spots such as Chaf Pozi or Wandie’s, and if you’re in Newtown, go on a tour of the SAB World of Beer and get a couple of free beers to enjoy as you learn about the history of brewing. (South African Breweries or SAB is one of the world’s largest brewers of beer.) If you’re looking for something spicy, the outlying district of Fordsburg is the destination for delicious Indian dishes, and Cyrildene (also known as New China Town) is a local favorite for Asian dishes.