Photo Courtesy of Andrew Rowat

Lisbon is filled with centuries-old churches, palaces, and mansions. Museums dot the city—don't miss Museu Nacional do Azulejo or Centro de Arte Moderna. You can experience art inside the museums, inside the galleries, and even out on the streets—take a walk to check out the painted buildings at Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo, near Marquês de Pombal. For a more literary experience, head for the neighborhood of Campo de Ourique, where the poet Fernando Pessoa once lived and where grafitti-ed excerpts of his poetry live on.

In the summer, you can listen to jazz in the gardens and free concerts in the squares. Keep an eye out for dance festivals and the three-day music festival, Optimus Alive. Throughout the rest of the year, Lisbon hosts a number of festivals for international film—French, Italian, Spanish—and independent cinema. Finally, the food festivals are a great way to explore local products and regional cuisine.