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The Natural Beauty of Wuzhizhou Island
This island is a must-visit. There are many sights to check out, including: the Goddess Matsu Temple, the Lover's Bridge, Sunrise Rock, the Gold Turtle Stretching toward the Sea, Lover's Island, and the Life Well. Sunrise Rock in particular is an amazing spot to watch the sun rise.

Officials are trying to protect the local environment, so snorkeling and swimming is restricted here. I've heard the snorkeling and scuba diving is quite spectacular, though due to the restrictions you need to pay a local company to take you.

There's no bus to the ferry that goes to Wuzhizhou Island, so it's best to take a cab. Ask someone to write the address down for you if necessary.

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Watch The Sun Rise
I like to take advantage of America to China jet lag to be one of those people who wakes up at dawn and seizes the day.

Located on the Southeast corner of Wuzhizhou Island, it's basically a rock on a cliff. But it's a rock on a cliff with a sick view. You can see Guanri Rock, which some people say looks like Buddha, and others say looks like a turtle crawling into the sea.

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Wuzhizhou, Haitang, Sanya, China