Arnarfjörður, Iceland

Iceland’s Westfjords have always possessed a character and culture that’s markedly different from the rest of the country. Extending like a lobster claw from the northwest of Iceland, the region combines geographic remoteness with the compelling majesty of the eponymous winding fjords, which are dotted with small villages and farmhouses. Aside from the fjords themselves and the attractive capital, Ísafjörður, most of the area’s main attractions are strung along the west coast, including the Látrabjarg bird cliffs, villages like Flókalundur, and the adjacent Vatnsfjörður National Park. But the eastern Strandir coast offers its own interesting sites, not least the idiosyncratic Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft, in Hólmavík, and the remote Hornstrandir Nature Reserve to the north. All of these sites, and the region in general, are best visited in summer when all the roads, museums, parks, and hotels are open and various tours are running.

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Oldest steel ship in Iceland

This is the oldest steel ship in Iceland. Built in Norway in 1912 and beached here in 1981. When it was decommissioned a group of locals fought to preserve it. It was subsequently dragged up onto land at the end of the Patreksfjörður fjord in the Vestfirðir area of North West Iceland.

Lava Fields

Driving around Iceland, you will often see dried lava fields covered in bright green moss. It is quite a beautiful sight and it really makes it look out of this world. As beautiful as they are though, they are very dangerous. The rocks are very sharp and the moss gives you the illusion of safety but it’s really soft and getting you foot stuck or falling in between rocks can result in serious injuries. This spot was in the West Fjord near the beautiful Búðir church.

Westfjords - What a wonderful world

Westfjords are Iceland’s most remote region, known for the rough majestic landscapes and breathtaking views. While Iceland as a whole is amazing, a place where the photographers can get a bit carried away, because it is full of untamed beauty, Westfjords are something entirely special. It must come from the fact that it’s almost deserted and travelers usually skip this part of the island, because well, there’s just so much of Iceland that beckons. But it shouldn’t be missed. The visit to the Fjords was our favorite part of the trip, where I felt my soul relax and it truly made me see – what a wonderful world.

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