Radium Hot Springs

5420 BC-93, Radium Hot Springs, BC V0A 1M0, Canada

Just beyond the south west entrance to Kootenay National Forest are the Radium Hot Springs, perfect for a rest before continuing on to Banff or the surrounding regions. Fed by a natural hot spring, this facility has a cool (84 degrees) and a hot pool (102 degrees). You can even rent swim suits for about two dollars if you didn’t plan ahead. If you arrive at the park gates during a busy time and you won’t be making any other stops in the park, you can use the left lane and blow past all the people waiting in the right line to pay for park admission. Just using the Radium Hot Spring facilities requires no additional park admission even though it’s within park boundaries.

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A Refreshing Mountain Soak

Radium, B.C- A classic Canadian Mountain hot springs experience in BC’s Kootenay National Park. This is Canada’s biggest hot springs pool, and great to visit after a day of skiing or snowshoeing, or a cold pool to reinvigorate you after a few rounds of golf or mountaintop hiking. This is owned and operated by Parks Canada (the federal government agency responsible for protecting Canada’s national parks), so expect more of a basic egalitarian family experience rather than a luxury spa. That being said they do have registered massage therapists available and the price and natural setting are tough to beat. Great spot to visit in both Summer and Winter. There are several other hot springs within a two hour to half day drive that could make for a great multi- day tour through the mountains. © David Brodie - travelin10.com

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