This little private church is probably the most photographed stop in Oia. Our rented house was right next to it but lower on the steps so we could see lots of people getting lots of photos. Married couples would take their photos next to it, photographers were offering workshops that included this spot. I woke up at 5.30AM to wonder when nobody else was around. Best time of day to walk around this very busy tourist destination.

More Recommendations

Sunrise in Oia

This little private church is probably the most photographed stop in Oia. Our rented house was right next to it but lower on the steps so we could see lots of people getting lots of photos. Married couples would take their photos next to it, photographers were offering workshops that included this spot. I woke up at 5.30AM to wonder when nobody else was around. Best time of day to walk around this very busy tourist destination.

Intimate dinner

The dinning options are endless in Oia but some are simply amazing. At Alta Mare at the Andronis Luxury Suites Hotel, you and your partner can sit at a lone table atop a cliff, sharing a romantic candlelit dinner. The view alone is worth the price tag of this exclusive dinning experience.

Wondering at sunrise

The absolute best time to wonder around Oia is early in the morning. And by early I mean wake up for the sunrise. I know vacations are not meant to wake up early but do yourself this BIG favor and wake up. The lighting is phenomenal, the breeze is great and you have the whole place to yourself. Another plus? The intoxicating smell coming from the bakeries. You pass by them and all you smell is the fresh bread and Greek donuts. It beats the smell of sweaty and overly perfumed bodies from during the day, I can tell you that.

Street wander

I wish I knew that Oia looks this amazing at sunrise. I would have gotten up every day, even if that meant 5.30AM. The views are just so incredible and it’s so quiet. This place for example is swarming with tourists during the day so you cannot really enjoy it with all the camera clicks. At sunrise however there is nobody in sight, you have the entire place to yourself.

Castle view

The castle is absolutely packed with people at sunset. They are all competing for the best view. At sunrise however the castle is empty. A person here and there, usually photographers, and that is about it.

View of Oia

In Oia, at sunrise, all kind of amazing photography opportunities await. I know the thought of waking up early is daunting but take it from me, it’s worth it. You get all the beauty with none of the tourists. And the sky is unbelievable. Oia is a hard place to photograph during the day due to the very strong sunlight reflecting off the white buildings. But at sunrise the lighting is soft so you can se all the pretty colors around Oia. Sunset works too but the problem with that is the swarming tourists who seem to compete for the best click.

Colorful and empty

I cannot get enough of how much I enjoyed walking in Oia at sunrise. Not a soul in sight and if you have been there you know how incredibly busy it is during the day. if you want peace and quiet to really enjoy the walk through Oia, do what I did, wake up at 5.30AM and go outside. You will not regret it, promise.

Main Square in Oia

Panagia of Platsani is the main church in Oia and is located at the center of the village. Visit are permitted but photography inside is forbidden. The inside is specifically Greek Orthodox. Very small but pretty and the smell of incense surrounds you. The square is also the main meeting point for travel groups big and small so you can imagine the amount of people here. If you want to enjoy this beautiful space, visiting at sunrise is the way.

Rent a cat

Oia is full of stray cats wondering the streets. I saw this sign and it really made me chuckle. Don’t know if it’s true or not but the top kitty visited us for food every day so we did not have to pay to rent one :).

Catamaran tour

While in Oia we got a catamaran tour with Santorini Sailing and I am so happy I did. They have three options for sea tours and we picked the Dream Catcher main reason being the low cost at 95 euro per person. You will have the option of choosing the sunrise or the sunset tour. We picked the sunset, and I think it’s the best, most romantic choice. The catamaran fits up to 30 guests and on our tour were 25. They will take the tour even if the maximum number of guests is reached. It is very clean and the crew very professional and fun. The tour consists of sea travel, stops at the Red Beach, White Beach and the Hot Springs for swimming and a fabulous, all you can eat, home cooked (well, boat cooked) dinner plus the view of the sunset from the sea. On top of that you get free water, Santorini wine and beer the whole eight hour trip. Is it worth doing? Yes it is!

Handmade Greek pottery

Many of the little stores in Santorini sell gorgeous pottery. It is somewhat pricey, depending on what you consider to be pricey of course but I think it may be worth it as it is so pretty, the patterns are so intricate and beautiful. They say the quality is very good,and can be washed in the dishwasher too.

Sunset in Oia

The sunset in Oia have to be the best I have ever seen and the day our catamaran tour took place we had the best sunset of them all. All of us on the boat were mesmerized and could not say a word. I definitely recommend booking a sunset boat tour, it is worth every penny.

5AM hike from Oia to Fira

Everybody I met told me that I HAVE to do this hike but I have to wake up very early, sunrise time. After doing it, I cannot recommend it more. The hike is 15km and about three hours with breaks. Not stoping is not possible as the views are jaw-dropping. I got to this little church and saw Oia lit by the sunrise light and was instantly in love. The waking up early part is essential. if you start it later you will be caught by the heat and that makes for a very unpleasant experience. Doing this early also ensures that you are alone on the well traveled path. The only complaint I have is that the path is not well marked so having a gps will help. Luckily we had it on our phone.

Sunset over Oia

The sunset in Oia is something one has to see in his or hers lifetime. Photos just don’t do it justice. For this particular view you have to be on top of the castle which at sunset time, as you can imagine, it’s packed with people. They start saving a seat at 7pm even so be there early. If not, try to squeeze your way in, between lovers and passionate photographers equipped with heavy gear to get the best shot. My luck was my husband who managed to find a small pocket and shove me in. While it’s happening people are not making a sound, they are almost holding their breath and the only thing you hear are the camera clicks.


The views during our early morning hike were breathtaking. The hike is supposed to take 2h or so but it’s impossible to not stop every 10 min to enjoy the incredible views. Stopping all the time it took us 3.5h to finish the hike but doing it slow is so worth it as you really get to take it all in.

Mountain church

This little church is on top of the mountain and you will pass bay it as you are approaching Imerovigli, during the hike from Oia to Fira. As soon as we got here the blue sky was covered by fog giving this eerie light around it. Mornings on the mountain are very dynamic with sunny sky and lots of fog. Do the hike and see for yourself. You’ll be happy you did it.

Early Morning in Oia

Arrive early and experience Oia, Santorini before it wakes up... you just might be the only ones around and feel as if you have the picturesque village all to yourself... there’s nothing quite like it... well, that, and the sunset.


View from our suite at the Best Western in Oia. Hotel was surprisingly amazing, view was even better.


Sunsets in Oia are unmatched. Hike up any of the streets and you’ll find a ledge from which you can enjoy the view.

Summer Nights to Remember in Santorini

Summer nights in Oia, Santorini are like a dream - bright, fiery sunsets melt into warm, enveloping dusk. Settle in for drinks and dinner at one of the many outdoor restaurants lining the volcano caldera side of the island. Slowly, as you sip your drink in the cool breeze, glimmering lights begin to flicker on and the muted sounds of clinking glasses and murmured conversation drift by. If you are lucky, an elegant ship will glide across the caldera - truly a sight to see. My family and I spent a week in Santorini. Favorite finds include: - Atrina Traditional Houses for a beautiful rooms with 180-degree views - Red Bicycle restaurant in Oia for world-class cuisine and a sweeping terrace - Atlantis Books, an underground “cave” bookstore - Red Beach for dramatic, cliffside scenery - Megalochori for a quiet, off-the-beaten path village Paradise on earth. Ready to go back, anytime!

Colorful Oia

Before seeing Oia I knew I will see a lot of white and blue there but I did not expect a full palette of colors. Some of the houses and cafes are very colorful. You simply cannot stop yourself from staring and taking photos. In a way it reminded me a lot of Iceland and colorful Reykjavik. The perfect time for photography in Oia is early in the morning, 6-9AM. After that the streets fill with tourists and the heat can be hard to handle.

Pori House

We spent a magical week in Santorini, Greece last week and I want to share the house we rented. I really wanted a traditional cave house, specific to Santorini. The house was very comfy and had all that it needed for a week stay or longer. There is a large bedroom, a larger living area, a large and interesting bathroom and a very tiny kitchen area but who goes to Santorini to cook, am I right? There is a cleaning service every two days. Maria, the owner, allowed me to pay it a year in advance which made it very convenient and affordable. She also took care of transfer from the airport in Fira to Oia and back, and her right hand man, Vasilis, waited for us and helped us with the luggage and explained how everything works. They are a great team and will make you feel at home in Oia, Santorini.

Dream time in Oia

Our villa’s patio in Santorini was equipped with some comfy benches that provided the perfect, secluded oasis to enjoy the sunset from the hordes of people who flood the northern town of Oia at day’s end. The soft dusk light blankets the white-washed buildings, creating an ethereal stillness and calm. Villa rentals are convenient and often affordable options for a group looking to stay by the caldera.

Town of Oia

Oia is a picturesque town on the northern part of Santorini that overlooks the famous caldera where some speculate the lost city of Atlantis stood before sinking into the sea. It is the perfect place to feel on top of the world and watch the sun set into the endless seas surrounded by M.C. Escher-like architecture.

Oia, Santorini, Greece

Magic Hour in Oia.

Fisherman at Sunset

I was sitting on a bench in front of this little church waiting for the sunset along with a lot of other people. I noticed this man, behind me, leaning over the rail, with his prayer beads. He was lost in thought or prayer, looking out at the beautiful sea and the sinking sun. I held up my camera, asking him if I could take his picture. He gave me a nod of yes. I took this one image which I love.

Iconic Oia

Staying in Oia for 8 nights, I got into a routine of running on some mornings (when I hadn’t had too much wine the night before). This was one of the views I had on each run and one of my favorites. I finally (on the last morning there) went for a walk with my camera and captured that scene that was embedded in my mind. It is a favorite image of one of my fondest memories, running in Oia.

Island Oasis

This sofa sitting on this terrace in Oia called to me, “Come sit down, Lynne. Enjoy this stunning view.” I could imagine sitting here from sunrise to sunset: watching the light change, the boats sail on the Aegean, the birds fly in the sky. Pretty much just watching the world go by.

Fiery Oia Sunset

The sunsets from Oia, Santorini, Greece are renowned. Hoards of people gather around sunset point and all the places, pathways and restaurants nearby to watch the sun sink into the Aegean Sea. While it can be annoyingly crowded, it is very much worth it. The sunsets are vibrant, colorful and not to be missed. The feel of the warm glow on your skin, the scent of the salty breeze, the sight of the orange-red sky. You can’t beat it. Oh, and the Greek people - just as warm as that sun!

The Famous Sunset at Oia, on Santorini

People gathered at Oia an hour before sunset to find a perfect spot for watching the most romantic moment on the island. After the sun finally sets, you will hear a round of applause from different directions around you, just like after a good show.

After sunset

On our last night in Santorini, we did what everyone else would do when visiting the island... head towards the western tip of Oia, to watch the must-see sunset of a lifetime. The sunset was spectacular... no doubt about it. But as we headed back towards town, we took a glance at the east sky and were captivated by what we saw. The moon was just starting to rise, lighting up the town on the caldera beneath it and creating this radiant golden reflection on the blue water of the Aegean Sea. The view was serene, mystical, mesmerizing, yet only a few stopped to snap shots of this magnificent view. So, if you ever go to Santorini and decide to watch the sunset at Oia, don’t forget...look towards the east sky after the sunset.

Grecian Sunrise

The scenery throughout the week-long yoga retreat on Santorini was beyond breathtaking. After seven days of twice-daily yoga sessions from a rooftop terrace, I climbed to the top for the last sunrise of the trip. As the sun crept up over the town of Oia, my camera lens found this angle through one of the keyhole openings. The sun ‘awakened’ each building individually, softly illuminating the striking blue domes throughout the white-washed city. But my favorite was this bell tower, which I’d acknowledged during my sun salutations all week. This shot sums up the trip as a whole, as Santorini opened my eyes to a much bigger world within myself. When you peek through the window of your soul, you discover such beauty on the other side.

Dark early in Santorini

One that a lot of people might be frustrated from, but there is always something wonderful (as capturing this image) even when it is not working the way you want. No hotel reservation, 330am in what can be one of the most beautiful places on earth. So the next time I will make sure we can find a place. Ended up in Parissa, with the amazing black beach (they are hot) and returning to Oia to see the magical sunset. I will return to this magical place.


Watching the sunset here is an activity!

Postcard view in Oìa

The view of the caldera was still breath-taking despite the cloudy weather. Everyone should be at this spot to see the sheer beauty of this place, once in their lives.

City on a Cliffside

The city of Oia has been photographed so many times, and it is so small that there can’t be too many views of it left untapped. However, when standing in this spot, such a feeling enthralls a photographer that they just have to snap this photo again and again, if only to attempt to capture this feeling to cherish for the rest of their lives. It is a feeling of power, wonder, awe, and magic that places this beautiful really do exist.

The Amazing Light of Santorini

Santorini is one of those iconic destinations that is on just about every traveler’s list. It’s a unique place, and you have to see it for yourself to be able to appreciate the hype. This hype, however, means that you and the rest of the world seem to be here all at the same time. Fira (or Thira) in particular can get incredibly busy, especially when there is more than one cruise ship anchored in the bay below. The good news, however, is that cruise ship passengers are notorious for not venturing very far from the tour bus drop-off point, so grab a scooter and head for Oia, on the northwestern tip of the island, for some elbow room and a chance to appreciate the stark beauty and incredible light of this island.

Santorini - A Greek Beauty

Santorini island in the Mediterranean has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. The people, the food, the topography, the history, all in the amazingly beautiful small island. I stayed at a family-run hotel that was within a 10 minute walk into Fira center. There is a pool and it is a quiet area with no traffic. The family has been running this hotel for over 15 years and you will see the father with his mule caravan that goes to the other side of the hill during the day. The beaches are spectacular. My favorite is the white beach as you can only get their by boat. It is completely isolated and worth a secluded day swimming in the warm sea. And Oia, can’t say enough about this town. Go as often as you can and along with all the other sun worshipers, watch the sun set every night while either enjoying a spectacular meal at one of their many top-notch restaurants or simply enjoy the peace of watching the sun beautifully set one more evening. And there still are a few authentic Greek shops with one-of-a-kind crafts. I bought a beautiful quilt from Northern Greece that I cherish. This is one of those magical places in the world that everyone should visit at least once. It surpassed everything I had imagined about the Greek Isles and I will go back every chance I get. Santorini is a jewel and gem of an isle.

Battling hundreds of stairs to get to picturesque swimming and eating

Surreal views make the trip quick. After the inevitable sweat you’ll have worked up, hit the swimming spot off to the side. There’s a big boulder in the water a bunch of us took turns diving off. Truly serene. Grab some seafood and wine before the trek back up.

Santorini sunset

Santorini is a Greek island tucked into the indigo Aegean Sea that captures the hearts of all who visit. It’s easy to understand why so many people fall in love with this legendary spot—its labyrinth towns perched on vertical cliffs that overlook the serene caldera create a dramatic backdrop that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Throw in austere, blue domed churches set against white cubic architecture, local wineries, gourmet restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, plus pebbly beaches, and you’ve got the perfect formula for a romantic getaway or unforgettable adventure with friends.

A magical sunset overlooking the caldera

Oia is a picturesque town that overlooks the famous caldera (water-filled crater) where some speculate the lost city of Atlantis stood before sinking into the sea. Oia’s white-washed Cycladic cave buildings and cliff-side location on the northern tip of the island makes it the best place to admire the sun set over the Aegean. Visitors not staying on the caldera should arrive early to stake out a prime spot near the fortress or windmill—the crowds can get hectic, but the scenery is magical.

Oia Castle Luxury suites the right place to stay to enjoy the direct sunset view

What an amazing stay, amazing service and amazing view. Our cave pool room felt very authentic with carved white walls, elegant and chic interior design with a very modern feel. The bed, the best hotel bed we ever experienced unbelievably comfortable. It is a very posh place, located in a sheltered part of the cliffs in what I believe the best position in Oia.Our private Pool was heated which was perfect for the evening, also it had option for hydro massage which was a welcoming feature. Whilst sitting on the private deck you can see the caldera, the sea and...the beautiful architecture of Oia under the magical sunset colors.Cleaning was twice a day and on our anniversary we were offered drinks and dessert on the house….a wonderful experience.

Be mesmerized by spectacular sunsets in Santorini

Folks aren’t joking when they say Santorini has some of the most beautiful sunsets on the planet. Proof positive? The enthusiastic spectators who line the whitewashed roofs each summer night. In Oia, on the northern tip of this crescent-shaped island (and only a short bus ride from Thera), it’s a nightly ritual for travelers and locals alike who come together to watch the show — clapping with loud applause as the sun makes its final descent and day turns into night. You might pinch yourself, but yes it really is that stunning!

Sunrise in Oia

It was an amazing sight to see

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