Mykonos, Mikonos, Greece

The first Greek island you’ll explore on Azamara’s nine-night Greek Isles & Adriatic Voyage is one of the most popular destinations in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos. It’s equally famous for its jet-set scene, photogenic windmills, and “Little Venice” of warehouses—some now housing restaurants and shops—along the waterfront. The neighboring island of Delos, which can be visited on the Ancient Delos excursion, was believed to be the birthplace of Apollo, the Greek god of the sun. Your guide will recount the tale of his birth as you explore the Temple of Apollo, the theater, and the Sacred Lake. The island flourished for centuries—there was a sanctuary to Apollo here as early as the ninth-century B.C.E. Its prosperity, however, also led to its destruction at the hand of pirates in 69 B.C.E. Since then time has stood still at this UNESCO World Heritage site. If you prefer a hands-on experience, consider joining the Mosaic Lesson in Mykonos excursion. Local artist Irene Syrianou leads this two-hour introduction to the ancient art of mosaics using colored glass and stones. Her class is held in a lovely garden, where you’ll learn all about mosaics while creating your own to take home. Less tangible, but maybe more valuable, is the knowledge you’ll have about mosaics when you visit Roman, Byzantine, and other sites on your travels. To learn more about this itinerary and other Azamara Club Cruises’ itineraries around the world, visit AFAR Journeys.

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Greece is always a good idea.

Just a short stroll to reach Yialos beach for the action packed beach experience and heavy summer crowds. We preferred the Petasos SLH Hotel, with its the private beach, it sits on a peninsula, surrounded by the breathtaking Aegean sea.


One of the smallest Cyclades islands, Mykonos is by far one of the most popular Greek isles to visit. With clean beaches, a wide array of historic villages, luxury hotels overlooking the sea, and quite the nightlife, this oasis has plenty to see during a visit.

360-Degree Oasis

Mykonos town is an oasis in and of itself. The white buildings, the rare but helpful locals, the clear waters and the blue doors. Touristy areas like in front of the ferry offices and at the bus stop are comical after a day of relaxing in the sun and driving a quad home to a hotel room with a postcard view. It is the kind of town that makes you want to get lost. It is safe and breath-taking at so many unsuspecting moments, like the picture above. Rounding a corner to have the path in front of you drop off into crystal water framed a picture instantly. Greece is all my eyes expected but nothing I thought it would feel like to experience. Go get lost in the oasis that is the Greek islands.

Mykonos stairs

Exploring the back streets of Mykonos town.

Off-Road Beauty

The main form of transportation in Mykonos was either the bus for longer distances or quads for shorter distances. This was one of the best parts about my stay! Mobbing a quad in Greece was an unexpected facet of the trip that allowed for my witnessing of the most gorgeous sunset of my life. When the road ends and the dirt path starts that is when a quad really gets to be used to its full potential. That dirt path brought us around the end of point of land so all you could see looking out was water and sunset. As the sun fell down the sky, the levels of red that were reached was something that made me not want to take the time to blink. I said to my friend, “I shouldn’t be here. I haven’t work hard enough in my lifetime yet. My Mamma should be here. She has far beyond earned this.” She agreed, so the best we could do is capture the sunset in all its phases and send our Mamma’s email with the photos attached tell them how thankful we are for all they do. A place that looks like this and inspires a person to do that is an oasis in every sense of the term.

Little Venice - Mykonos, Greece

The famous Little Venice in Mykonos attracts many people to gather here at sundown. The purple sky, the orange sun, and the blue water all meet together to mimic the colorful paints of the buildings. This is also a good spot for food and drink while watching the sun set.

Kalamaria, Mykonos, Greece

Strolling along the harbor in Mykonos.

Romantic streets in Mikonos, Greece

Not only Mikonos is a party island, the layout of the downtown area is also make it famous. Small streets between blue and white colored structures, and occasionally if you look up or look back, you may see more color palate tuck in the corners.

Mykonos Sunset

One of the best places to watch the sunset.

The beauty of Grecian islands

This gorgeous little town turned out to be the unexpected hit of our trip! Our recommendation: don’t take a plan, just start at one end and wander your way through. Pick one of the waterfront restaurants for lunch and have a wonderful leisurely day.

Keep your eyes sharp!

Always be on the lookout for interesting cultural differences that you wouldn’t normally see at home! :-)

Perfect weather for lunching outside

One thing I love about Europe is the lack of reliance on air conditioning, and therefore the many opportunities to dine outside! All the restaurants that we saw in Mykonos looked great, and I regret that we could not stay long enough to try them all!

Mykonos: Postcard from Greece

When I mention my trip to Greece, most people naturally assume that we spent a portion of our time exploring Greek islands. Typically, when we think of Greece, we envision the quintessential blue-capped whitewashed homes; the islands that surround Greece’s main land. While there are literally thousands of islands (though only a couple hundred that are inhabited), there are a few that are top of mind for most travelers. Santorini and Mykonos are definitely in that mix. Being that I was traveling with my cousin, we opted out of Santorini and decided to explore Mykonos, an island better known for its cosmopolitan feel and nightlife than romance. Those white buildings with cerulean caps? Yeah, those exist here amidst the windmills and the dramatic backdrop. The entire scene was stunning with postcard-perfect turns that sent my camera into super-speed. In the summer, it was undoubtedly crowded, but it would be a perfect getaway in the spring or fall when fewer tourists are flocking to the sun-drenched beaches.

Mykonos, Greece

Just like the postcard picture promised, the Aegean Sea’s most elite island destination is cluttered with white Cycladian homes along a maze of staircases and winding streets. Unwind on Psarou beach, shop till you drop at main street stores and savour gyros along the way. Make sure to absorb the moment above this pretty paradise at its trademark 16th-century windmills, an ideal spot to see the sun dip in the shimmering horizon. Pick up the pace in Little Venice, a cluster of colorful houses on the shoreline where Mykonos’ vivid nightlife takes center stage. With 50% savings, arrive in Mykonos with one of the 7-night itineraries on-board The Moana.

Mykonos, Little Venice

The island of Mykonos is undoubtedly a world famous tourist destination. Little Venice, located in the capital of the island, is perhaps the most famous corner of Mykonos! Anyone visiting the Town can hardly resist to put this image on film! Its name come from the fact that the houses are embraced by the sea water, a picture that looks like the famous Italian city. Little Venice in Mykonos is a beautiful area visited every year by thousands of visitors. For sure It is worth a visit.

Vacation on Mykonos island

If you happen to look for something different, a place vividly busy and beautiful, sunny warm summer days and the blue of the sea.. then you are reading the right guide book! Vacation on Mykonos island is the best gift you could ever offer yourselves! In this tourist guide that we created for you, anything you need to have a wonderful vacation on the island is included. We strongly suggest you book San Marco Hotel for you stay or if you are fond of more privacy, the San Marco Villas, both located at Houlakia area. We keep informing you on the rhythms of life and entertainment in Mykonos, what is a must and how to spend your time the best possible way! Included are suggestions of the best island beaches, while we describe in detail what not to miss in Chora, the island’s capital. We are showing you all the sightseeing of Mykonos and our suggestions of best restaurants, bars, clubs as well as gift shops. Everything accompanied with numerous photos as a picture speaks a thousand words!

Last details before you go...

Mykonos is hot during summertime so definitely light colored, comfortable clothes are a necessity. Don’t forget your sunglasses, another must! Low-heel shoes for long walks but your nightclub best outfit too! Last but not least, your swimsuit to enjoy the gorgeous island beaches. Although the island offers buses to move around, the best and most comfortable way is to rent a small or bigger scooter. Many of the island hotels offer in addition free transportation back and forth to Chora as well as certain beaches. The option of a rented car is also available for whoever wishes to explore everything on the island at his own leisure of time. Currency used is Euro. ATM(s) and various banks are available all over the island. Tipping should not be less than 10% for services. Mykonos is not a cheap vacation destination as many celebrities visit it every year. However, it’s an island that offers best services that you will enjoy and will be money well-spent. Activities offered: Swimming Fishing Boat Tours Hiking Photo shooting

Late morning panorama in front of my hotel room.

This is hands-down my favorite picture I’ve ever taken or even seen, as it embodies my life-changing trip to Greece in the summer of 2015. Mykonos itself opened my eyes to an entirely new and thrilling type of spontaneous, deep, and in-the-moment travel, and sealed the deal my aspiration to someday write for AFAR Magazine.

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