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Archaeological Museum of Delos

The island of Delos, Greece
Worth a visit. We took the ferry from Mykonos for a 1/2 day. The island of Delos is one of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites in Greece. The excavations in the island are among the most extensive in the Mediterranean. We loved seeing some of the artifacts, and incredible mosaics, at the Archaeological Museum of Delos and the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.
Nice Buns!
No matter the attempts, exercising, hiking, biking--- a back-end like this just doesn’t happen. And to think, this fine example, has remained tight and toned since about the 2nd century BC.

Just a short ferry ride from beautiful, colorful island of Mykonos is the strangely captivating abandoned island of Delos with its 1 1/2 square miles chock full of ruins. Legends claim that Apollo was born on this sacred island near Mt. Kynthos.

The island is now uninhabited by living souls, but the entire area is crowded with sites to see and stories to tell of ancient folks. Wander the whole island to see amazing mosaics, the Avenue of the Lions, an ancient theater and multiple sanctuaries to Apollo, Dionysus and other gods. Don't you love the word, "sanctuary?" I know I do.

Wander through the Archaeological Museum to view the fine anatomical buttocks of the photo. Kind of just makes you want to give it a little pat, doesn’t it?
Nice Buns! Mykonos  Greece

Archaeological museum downtown Chora, Mykonos
You will find it in a beautiful building by the seaside. The entrance costs 2 Euro per person. You will find here representative samples of the ceramics created in Cyclades since the Geometrics Age up to the 6 century B.C. You will also find tomb engravings of the Hellenic years, vessels from around the middle of 3000 B.C.-100 B.C., weeper status and columns of the second and first century B.C as well as 6 idols of the same era, plus jewelry and various small objects.
Archaeological museum downtown Chora, Mykonos Mykonos  Greece

The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos
The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos is a bit of a misnomer as most of the objects on display here were found on the island of Rheneia. The museum was founded in 1902 and is housed in a 19th-century neoclassical building. Pottery, funerary objects and grave stelæ are what's on display here—somewhat sad but still beautiful artifacts.
The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos Mykonos  Greece

Delos 846 00, Greece
+30 2289 022259