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King of Fruits Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
Three Layer Tea Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
King of Fruits Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
Three Layer Tea Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia

King of Fruits

The Durian is fondly known as the king of fruits in Southeast Asia. It's a fruit that the locals love, but that many outsiders find to be an acquired taste. In fact, Andrew Zimmern, the presenter of the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods, (the guy who eats the world's craziest and weirdest things) can't stand durians.

The name durian comes from the Malay word "duri," which means "thorns." Cutting open a durian is an art. You have to cut along certain lines created by the thorns, which are barely visible. If you get it wrong, it would be tough to open. Once cut, you use your palms to push apart the insides to reveal the yellow flesh.

The smell of the durian is strong enough to make you salivate or faint, depending on which side of the fence you are on regarding it's taste.

If you're ever in Malaysia, you must give it a try. Who knows? You could end up liking something that Andrew Zimmern himself can't stomach!

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AFAR Local Expert
almost 8 years ago

Three Layer Tea

An ice drink commonly found in the local stalls or cafes is the "Three Layer Tea." It's made up of palm sugar, evaporated milk and tea.

The process of making it starts with pouring palm sugar into a tall glass, followed by ice cubes. Milk is then slowly poured over the ice, filling up one third of the glass. And finally tea is poured on top. If carefully executed, you'll see a nice segregation of the three colors: dark brown, white, and light brown.

Of course, after you've admired the look, you need to stir it well before you drink it.