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Sunrise Beach - Cape Eleuthera

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Secluded Beach

Sunrise Beach - Cape Eleuthera

Water Biking in the Bahamas!

This is one of my favorite pictures (and memories). My boyfriend and I went water biking around the Caribbean Sea. This was SO much fun and I definitely recommend doing this at least once!

Bliss on a coral-strewn sliver of paradise in the Bahamas

Eleuthera means “freedom” and that is exactly the feeling you get when you visit this impossibly beautiful outer island in the Bahamas. You have no other option but to tune in to “island time” and tune out everything else when on Eleuthera. I am convinced the gorgeous Pink Sands Beach is the real paradise everybody is looking for. The sand is actually pink because it gets its color from the bits of corals and seashells that are mixed in with the sand. If you look closely, you can make out the pink bits from the white bits! You can take a ferry ride from Nassau to Eleuthera and make it a day trip, but the best laid plans involve staying at least for a night or two. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit because once you lay eyes on the pinkish-white-sand beaches and the impossibly blue turquoise water, you will want to jump in immediately. And why not? You are free!

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