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Dubrovnik Harbor

Pearl of the Adriatic
Dubrovnik is known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic;" however, the bright blue waters around the harbor made me think more of sapphires. Croatia is a picturesque country with friendly people and delicious food. While the city is a great lesson in history, the surrounding countryside is breathtaking with lush gardens and panoramic views of the Adriatic.
Harbor of Dubrovnik
I was so impressed on our visit to Dubrovnik...the streets were so clean, the people friendly and the food was great. One of the fun things we did here was hire a boat from the harbor. A man and his son took us out in their small fishing boat and gave us a chance to see the harbor from the sea...the red tiled roofs and the stone walls of the city were an impressive sight. Even though their English was limited they did a good job of imparting their pride in their city, the sadness of the war and their gratefulness for peace.
Harbor of Dubrovnik Dubrovnik  Croatia