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Chapel of the Holy Cross

Seek Spiritual Enlightenment at Chapel of the Holy Cross
Some say that The Chapel of the Holy Cross is located in the heart of a vortex. Others regard it as a place of contemplation and spirituality.

The Chapel itself was actually built by a devout student of Frank Lloyd Wright named Marguerite Brunswig Staude in 1956. Staude wanted to create a lasting tribute to her religious beliefs, and was so taken with the beauty of Sedona that she began work on the Chapel.

Nestled between massive red boulders, the Chapel is a must see in Sedona. And, if you look carefully enough in the red rocks next, you can still see an Rx carved into the rock as a tribute to Marguerite's father, a pharmacist.
Chapel of the Holy Cross - Sedona
The Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona's Architectural Landmark and Shrine...This spiritual citadel on a hill is one of the must see sights of Sedona. It's intimate and endearing...even for the non-religious type.
Chapel of the Holy Cross - Sedona  Sedona Arizona United States

Special Artist Reception at the Chapel of the Holy Cross
This year acclaimed Sedona architectural landmark, The Chapel of the Holy Cross celebrated 60 years while also being designated as one of the Holy Doors sites during the Jubilee Year of Mercy called by Pope Francis in November of 2015. As part of the celebration Sedona artist Jacqueline Jordan Jackson was honored to be one of three artists commissioned by the Diocese of Phoenix to create pieces for the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

From its earliest beginnings the Chapel of the Holy Cross has been recognized internationally. Within a year of it’s opening in 1956 it appeared in Life Magazine, The Washington Post and The New York Times as well as receiving the prestigious American Institute of Architects Awards for Religious Structures.

Sometimes life has an astonishing way of coming full circle. Goldenstein Gallery artist Jacqueline Jordan Jackson’s early memories is her first visit to the Chapel of the Holy Cross when she was just a tiny girl. It is an especially poignant memory for Jackson as she feels it is so much a part of Sedona’s history in which her family story is deeply woven: She belongs to the original Jordan pioneer family and their Sedona arrival dates back to 1889.

You can’t miss the Jordan family footprint in town. The Sedona Heritage Museum was her grandparents homestead and she grew up in what now is the Apple Orchard Inn (which was built by her family). Jordan Road in uptown is named after her family and the many apple orchards they had in the area.

Her grandfather, Walter Jordan, was instrumental in the building of the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Due to cold weather they couldn't get the cement to set and Walter loaned his orchard smudge pots to raise the temperature so construction could proceed.

For the 60th anniversary Jackson created four stunning silk hand-painted hangings that were formally consecrated and installed at the Chapel on Friday, May 27th.

Each piece measures 3’ x 15': Creation, The Earth, Life and the Heavens. Using the French Serti technique, she used holy water in the creation of these pieces in keeping with the sacred nature of this commission. Jackson has worked in nearly every medium from ceramics to oils. All of her beautiful designs are inspired by nature. You can see more of her work from gorgeous hand painted scarves to vibrant ceramic vases at Goldenstein Gallery.

The reception took place as the sun was setting across the red rocks painting the area with a majestic light!

Jacqueline Jordan Chapel Commission
Jacqueline Jordan Chapel Commission Sedona Arizona United States

780 Chapel Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336, USA
+1 928-282-4069